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something i cant have

Posted 7th May 2010 64

i dont know what to do with my self i feel lost alone even when a friend is near
i think about her every day and it dosint matter how many girls i meet i cant feel enything for them cuz i still love her its bin a year and im so fuckin lonley its makeing me crazy i just want to move on but im stuck in the past

funny how we all ways whont what we cant have

im wondering how much more i can take
before this thing finely kills me

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Posted by Anonymous 8th May 2010

*hugs* I feel the same way. The girl I love more than anything in the world dumped me a couple of months ago to be with someone else, and I’ve been a wreck ever since. I’m not motivated to continue university, catch up with friends, or even write poetry - which is something I used to love doing. Even when I’m surrounded by friends I feel alone. What makes it worse is that our relationship was secret, so I can’t tell anyone how bad I’m hurting. If I do, I’ll also have to let slip the fact that I’m bisexual, which is not something I want people to know yet. *sigh*. But keep on fighting =] I know there’s something out there to live for. We’ll find it soon enough, I’m sure.

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