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suicidal boyfriend


Posted 17th August 2009 1321

i am a forum regular
i was gonna put this up but my bf has an account so he would see if i made this in the forums so i thought i would do it here instead.

okay iv know my fella about 2 months, we have been together nearly a month, & in total he has slashed himself 3 times.

his chest is scarred, his arms, his face & im scared that one of these days he is going to end up in hospital or even worse.

i know im not one to talk because i have relapses every now & again, but im not depressed & that sad with life.

im terrified everytime he gets mad or upset, he saying im the best thing that has happened to him & hes told me that if i ever leave him it will tip him over the edge. & i cant cope with that weight on me, what if it doesnt work out? & he does carry that out? how can i cope with that????

i know we havent been together long, but i do love him & i think its mostly down to how feeble he is.

im the only one that knows about his “accidents”. he hates his dad, he wont talk to his brother or his mum. & he refuses to go & see a doctor

what the fuck am i suppose to do???????????


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Posted by Vagina 20th August 2009

Mate, you really shouldn’t be in a relationship that puts you in that position. If anything a break might be better for you both, then you can be there for him as a friend rather than a girlfriend. I used to self harm, and I found it very difficult to stop so I can understand your dilema. But no one can make you happy, and come out of depression but yourself.
As hard as it sounds, you have to do it on your own. Because as soon as you start relying on someone or something else to divert you, you will relapse whenever that something is no longer around.

Posted by its me 21st August 2009

yea but i cant break up with him, because he will do something silly, even if i stay with him as a friend, i dont think it would make anything different.
i just want him to get help, but he refuses to go. iv offered to come with him to sessions & i said i will be there for aslong as he needs me to, but he still wont go.
hes making it so difficult :(

Posted by S.A. 25th August 2009

You should only be in a relationship because you care about, and enjoy the other person. Not cause your scared of what they’ll do. He’s trying to chain you to him and using you as his crutch. Time to leave.

Posted by its me 27th August 2009

dont get me wrong
i care about him & i do enjoy him & hes a really likeable person
but i am scared that what in a ouple of months we dont work out? & we do drift apart, would he go through with it
how do you cure someone with extreme depression, who wont see sense that what he is doing isnt healthy?

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