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Posted 21st June 2010 38

nobody here makes real comfessions.. i mean its fucking anonymus and still everybody tries to make themselves look nice.. why cant people just surrender their ego and admitt that they do have a really ugly and nasty side just like every human being does!
i think of ways to murder my bestest friend when the boy i like looks at her or speaks to her! i hate her for being so beautiful!

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Posted by lol 22nd June 2010

every single thing in your comment, starting from the title, reeks of jealousy.

Posted by idiot 5th July 2010

I’d like to think that anonymity gives the opportunity to be honest, not nasty. The fact that you expect people to be secretly terrible says a lot about your true personality.

Posted by Anonymous 11th July 2010

Quick rant about your rant - stop being such a higher-than-though hater about other people on this site, when it is fairly clear that you’re just mad because you’re embarrassed about your rant.You’re ashamed of your rant, most people on the site are ashamed of their rants.

Don’t insult people on this site when the person you’re actually mad at is yourself.

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