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Posted 27th December 2010 912

facebook can suck it. i dont get what the big deal is. this goes for twitter too. my older sisters are always online for facebook and twitter. the oldest has lost nearly all connection with the outside world because she is tweeting. when she is happy, she tweets. when she is mad, she tweets. when she is bored, she tweets. when she is drunk, she tweets. it has happened before. the other sister is always kicking me off the computer for facebook because she needs to take care of her farmville. she can wait until i finish what i’m doing. i was on the computer first and i’m sure she can find something better to do than play with a virtual farm. so what if her raspberries die? she can always plant more later on and let them die. and there is a better way to talk to your friend than facebook or twitter. there are these things called mouths. they arent just for eating and sucking dicks people.

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