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where did time go


Posted 31st March 2010 44

it just occurred to me that i am 24 years old. this is not where i pictured my life would be. it feels like people my age have passed me up. i’m not really doing anything i didn’t do when i was a teenager. no man, no kids, no degree… it’s just me. me and my job and my unsatisfying social life. i’m a loser. something needs to change. i need to change. where the fuck do i start?

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Posted by Anonymous 11th April 2010

I feel the same way as I am 24 as well. All of my high school friends have def passed me in life. They have kids are married etc and where do I stand alone with my degree. I feel like I won’t find happiness. My life has to change as well. It makes me sick that everyone around me is happy and I’m hiding all my problems with a smile.


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