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wife and babies

Posted 11th September 2011 35

if my wife could stop talking about haviung another baby for even a minute, I would be shocked. That is the last thing I want, and I have told her so. She doesnt care. She NEEDS another baby. We have 2 already. I cant do it. My existing kids are a nightmare as it is.

I am being serious when I say that ALL she talks about is babies. Im done.

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Posted by Anonymous 22nd September 2011

That sucks. Do you know why she ‘needs’ this new baby? Maybe you should tell her that she should pay attention to the kids she has now or something. xD

Posted by mistake 26th September 2011

Please don’t have another child if you don’t want it. No child wants to be the extra kid.

Try to solve your problem with your wife. Maybe she feels like she’s losing you and thinks that by pushing babies she can keep you. TALK to her. If she needs to be near babies tell her to get a job at a nursery or something.

Posted by Anonymous 9th November 2011

get a vasectomy, dude!

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