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wishing for freedom


Posted 2nd February 2009 2021

my mum died a few months ago really suddenly, i miss her so much, it hurts all of the time. i want to kill myself and follow her but i cant because i have a little brother, we have no other family so its just me and him. if i didnt have him, i would be free, im starting to resent his existance, how awful is that. i really dont know whatto do.

death suicide brother confession

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Posted by Anonymous 4th February 2009

You should go see someone about that. But just because you feel left, doesn’t mean you have any right to do that to you little brother. Did you ever think he might be going through the same thing. You should talk to each other too. Good luck!!

Posted by Anonymous 9th February 2009

be strong….you know your mother would want you to take care of your little brother… you know this in your heart!! and you also know that deep down inside, you love him and would do anything to protect him from any harm… I don’t know you, but i know this about you…

Posted by Anonymous 28th February 2009

I’d suggest going to see a doctor and ask to be put in touch with a councillor to help you with this grief. As lame as this saying is it WILL get better in time also think you should speak to your brother he’s prob feeling the same and you’ll be surprised how much you can help each other. Don’t bottle it up even if it’s just getting a diary and writing your feelings down it will help you. Hope you start feeling better soon you will get there good luck!

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