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young boys


Posted 21st August 2009 49

why do young 18.19. 20 yr olds come on to older women ? its a pain in the ass, we come on to the sites looking for dates like everyone else,but dont want boys my sons are older than them, then they wont take no for an answer so you have to be rude and tell em to p*** off an i dont like doing that.

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Posted by Anonymous 25th August 2009

I can honestly say, I’ve never seen lads, 18,19 or 20 coming on to older women.

Posted by coz we do 27th August 2009

coz they want some milf !

because older women dress better, have more sense, more money, better in bed blah blah than silly 18 year olds

Posted by Anonymous 27th August 2009

18 year old tit and vag > saggy milf tit and vag.

Posted by Straight EdgeTruth Teller 9th September 2009

Be greatful anyone wants you, you whiny big headed sad act. Block the twats if you’re so unhappy. Pathetic post

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