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Forum Rage 257289

When I post in a forum, please, don’t reply to my post or acknowledge my presence in any way. I would much rather that everyone would ignore me and act as if I never posted at all. I mean, it isn’t as if I’m so painfully shy that it takes me three hours to write even the shortest of messages and I don’t agonize for days over what I’ve typed at all, checking every few hours with increasing disappointment as no one says anything to me. It doesn’t drive me to madness knowing that my words are now …view more

Billboards vs. Texting 154145

I think that it is totally messed up that they don’t want us to look at our cell phones while driving, but apparently it’s ok for us to read billboards. They even have electric billboards that change the screeen every ten seconds. Isn’t that more distracting than a phone? It bothers me that they are illegalizing phones in cars but they aren’t illegalizing giant computers on the side of the highway. I really don’t see a difference between the two, except that one of them is twenty feet in the …view more

Ticked Off 9634

Went to see my counselor the other day and have decided to stop going there because of saying one thing; then switching up later. Ugh! Can’t any professional be honest instead of telling me to send an email expressing myself; then she tells me that all that is going on in my life gives her a headache. What the heck? She tells me now just to pray about it, but I’ve been praying for years and thought talk therapy would help.

Well, that’s my one big rant for the day! Hope the day goes better …view more

i’m done. 8337

i swear i am DONE. you’ve made friends of mine cry because you don’t admit that you ever do anything wrong. you can be such a hypocrite sometimes. i don’t want to hear you talk about sex or flirt with a guy that is both GAY and IN A RELATIONSHIP because you’re too thirsty and boys at your school probably don’t like you much so you do it to him. and you white knight for him too, everything revolves around his safety and making sure everything is perfect for him. you think you’re justified to …view more

Want to scream at the top of my lungs. 8032

My husband has been cheating for the last 1.5 yrs, with the same fucking whore. Spent nights at her house, brought her out to dinner… PROMISED 2 fucking days ago he would never see her again and it’s over. Guess where he’s going tonight… I want to scream, rage, break shit… I can’t do this anymore, he needs to leave, THIS today was the straw that broke my back, killed ANY love I had left. FUCK HIM, FUCK HER, I’ll take my kids and be single and HAPPY.

ARGH 7943

okay so I probably sound completely mad and it may seem like I’m overreacting. BUT IM NOT. I have younger siblings..who are a lot younger than me. one is 5 and he is the one I would like to talk about. he is also my half brother and for some reason my step mother has this overwhelming obsession for him . no one is allowed to tell him off even when he’s in the wrong and everyone must obey him and I’ve really had enough. I spent a lot of my younger years being screamed and and shouted at because …view more

I’m so sorry 7740

I ordered some Chinese food and something that I ordered wasn’t available and they were going to give me my money back and what I didn’t know was that they put the money in my bag and I asked the driver if he had it and he went back to the car to get it opening my ba buried mind you I didn’t see it until I took it out now I don’t know what to do about it I’m scared and embarrassed to call not to mention I don’t know if they would come back for $3.00 but if you do read this I’m soooooo very …view more

How is it my fault !!! 7737

My parent decides that we go to a restaurant to eat breakfast then go to a shop to buy things. While i go to the bathroom the parent finishes in the shop waits two minutes for me and then has the mother of all fits when I drive correctly ,obeying the laws of yhe road . Because we’ve missed someone we were supposed to get something from. I’m sorry that you decided we need to go to a restaurant and then shopping when we could just gone and picked up the stuff. Instead now it’s my fault for taking …view more

human pass through 7644

I will not be used as a human pass through for your disability.You would have already been discharged had you entered in your legitimate name.Oh its not that type of discharge well get the to the clinic I am not your damn sponsor nor a recipient of your escapades nor the cause.You do know how to read and dial a phone don’t you?YOu aren’t that stupid are you?

Racist 76196

I really don’t like black people.

It annoys me that they screw our women and kids want to be like them.

A sin 7442

I played spin the bottle when I was 12 and felt up a girl in the closet. My parents are mormans so that was a sin. It felt good!

hatred 7345

Get your head out your ass please.If I were subject to extradition I wouldn’t be where I am.
I actually was the victim of ID Theft.I am not will not and will not be forced to take responsibility for something I haven’t done.I also won’t be forced to support the ID Thief.Its called adult adoption/guardianship/life insurance fraud.She created a false adoption to my exes family.The thing may be subject to extradition to Fla New Jersey or Cali.I am not.I was in west Virginia when the thing did …view more

I HATE people that abuse animals 7252

My anger is such that I had to find an anonymous site to rant on because literally everyone in my family is asleep and I need to vent.
Just read a horrific animal abuse story and it makes me sick. WHY are there such sick FUCKS in the world?? I am going to be haunted by this forever and traumatized.

changes 6843

I must admit one change I now have an odd affection for my gang rapists.Its all because of you.At least they looked at me before raping me.Unlike you, they groomed me, though at that time I didn’t know what it was called.Just like you though it was all about there control and what they needed and wanted.Looking back it was one of the best training exercises there ever was though it wasn’t what it was.Did you enjoy the entrance into my groin with the needles every month,.Bet it was better than …view more

need tampons 6844

You can stop dropping items on my ex inlaws floors hoping we know what you want and will help you.After what you have done to all of us we wouldn’t piss on you if your guts were on fire.Get it through that evil little head of yours I am not jealous of you.I absolutely hate your guts.You are the epitamy of every thing I learned not to be growing up.Poor little you, too stupid and child like, to even provide for your own cycles.Always wanting needing attention no matter how negative.Yet to stupid …view more

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