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WHAT! 30th March 2018
Forum Rage 25th March 2018
Problems with bf 23rd March 2018
Seriously? 18th March 2018
I hate my daughter 16th March 2018
Control your kid in public or I will 16th March 2018
Slut ass bitch friend 16th March 2018
I HATE MY MATH CLASS 13th March 2018
Why can’t I help myself? And why won’t life give me a break? 11th February 2018


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I did not hurt the puppy 07

Fucking sister comes home to see the puppy gone. She asks our mother and she says he’s at the animal hospital. I know the reason why and I asked if it was because of his leg. Fucking sister goes and says, “Did you sit on the puppy again?” Fucker, I did not once sit on that fucking puppy. He ran into the wall while he was super hyper and you fucking accuse someone innocent? You some real mean shit right there. I may be fat and all but that’s no reason for you to blame me and ask if I sat on that …view more

users 48

A bunch of silly ass, petty ass grown women. They expect to be treated a certain way, yet dont give the same treatment in return. When you give them the treatment they give you, then its a problem. Bullshit at its best.

You are way too high on yourself 1817

Sometimes I miss having a best friend, but most of the time I just want to go over to you and punch you in your ugly face. When we were friends there would be times when we were talking to our friends and I would tell them something that happened to me and you would interrupt and say “oh no one needs to hear this story again” when the only person I told was you, then you would start up your own story when I know for a fact that everyone had heard it more times than I can count, but you just …view more

People can blow me! 07

I recently quit my job to start my own business. It’s going very well, but my family thinks I’m just an “unemployed loser” now. Admittedly, money’s a bit tight until things get rolling. My parents told me to go apply at frickin’ Shopko today. Seriously? Blow me! I’m not working some crappy retail job for minimum wage when I’ve got 25 years of work experience and three college degrees. I had a frickin’ retail job when I was 16 years old and it sucked a$$ back then. Why would I ever want to do it …view more

i wish i knew…. 1414

whats really funny is that i was happy with everything i had until you showed up and made me want something i couldn’t have you fucked up my life so much showed me what it was to fall in love then you mess with my mind knowing what your doing to me i have never felt like such a piece of shit until you showed up i also never felt so in love what is it that draws me to you even though your the worst thing i can have in my life those times we weren’t lying to each other with no one around to hide …view more

Um Kill Myself? 915

So yeah. I just gained more weight. 3 kg in 3 months. I’m 76kg. My life stinks. There is no easy method of suicide. Screw painless, that’s next to impossible. I need to die. Now. Fast. My school is starting. My mom is telling me to go excercise. I may seem like the laziest thing on earth. I am. I’m an idiot. I blame everyone else. I’m lazy. I’m also selfish. Which makes it easier to commit suicide. I’m a coward. Which makes it harder. But you know what? I think… Coward or not… It may not be too …view more

Is this messed up? 26

Ok, so when i was 7 i had a weird dream of me being in highschool (currently in highschool now) and the dream showed me being turned down happening time after time and losing the ones i love. The other part of the dream had me doing very strange things like laughing a lot, and crying then showing me looking at my older self. Now HERE IS THE FUCKING CREEPY ASS SHIT, the figure i saw was a exact replica of my self today and my dream or myself told me what would exactly happen in highschool. I …view more

Your car is not a delicate flower. 07

I can’t stand people who get pissed if you happen to touch their car. You expose this thing to the wind and the rain, the risk of rocks and dirt from the road dirtying and/or scratching the hell out of it, bugs splattering on it, and birds crapping on it, and yet me absently placing my hand on the hood while we’re chatting is what’s going to ruin your paint job? Get a fucking life.

Problems with bf 723

So I’ve been dating this guy for almost a year. We’ve been pretty happy for the most part, but sometimes he says things that tick me off. I don’t wanna make a big deal about what went down today, but I need to talk to someone in order to move past it. So for alittle background, I went through an experimental phase in my life. Like lots do. I found myself sexually attracted to women. I never been with a women but I find them so beautiful. Delicate and strong at the same time. I still feel …view more

My fat insecurities 615

Every time I go out or whenever I’m home I feel so disgusted with myself. I eat a lot. I run almost every single day but I still feel like a sumo wrestler. I don’t wanna feel like that and I don’t know how to get rid of that feeling. No matter what I do I always feel like people are laughing about me because I’m big (fat). I don’t know what to do. I always try not to care but it’s too hard for me. It makes me have a mix of emotions because I’m not comfortable in my own skin. I always think …view more

The Things I Detest About My Boyfriend 1316

1. Watching and hearing him eat makes me CRINGE. He can be such a disgusting human being. I am constantly alerting him that no one wants to see the food that he is chewing.. He also eats his food as though it were a race to the finish line. When we eat I have to make it a point not to watch him or else I would constantly be bitching and repulsed.

2. He is a slob. I don’t mind picking up after him from time to time but the thing that gets under my skin most is that he will put his dishes in …view more

UGH 711

For the last time, IM GAY. I don’t want your dick picks. I’m NOT sending a picture of my girlfriend and I “doing it” to “prove it.” I am a LESBIAN and I am only looking for FRIENDSHIP. And then there’s gonna be that one fucking idiot “lol you’re a cunt’ Blah blah whatever you disgusting kindergarteners need to GROW. UP.

sick of the bullshit 1522

I’m fat, and no I don’t want your pity. I just don’t understand why I can’t even get a fat girl to fucking like me. Everyone is all about looks first, personality second. Even the fat ugly ass bitches that preach about the idea that people should accept you for who you are, are going around just landing desperate, decent looking men. It’s fucking outrageous how hypocritical and fucking stupid women truly are. I bust my ass every mother fucking day and night. I’ve dieted on and off for 2 years, …view more

Why can’t i just be me? 814

Okay so i am totes opposite from my friends. I don’t want to be like them, but i would rather try to “fit in” with them, because ya know, yah. Well i’m trying not to be a complete h8er because i’m not a full blown “hipster”. Like seriously i’m trying, i’m even ranting to a weird website, common right? I don’t understand why i can’t be me and still not feel like i’m totally accepted into the “group”. I love all of them unconditionally, and i know they would so anything for me and feel the …view more

Life is a Joke 29

Why am I alive? There is literally no reason as to why I exist outside of finding new reasons to move on. Why do I work? To attain money to live in a society and home that I despise? To attain items and then discard them when I grow weary? Work and life in modern society is designed to kill people and keep them alive to work. Don’t believe me? Kill yourself.

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