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WHAT! 30th March 2018
Forum Rage 25th March 2018
Problems with bf 23rd March 2018
Seriously? 18th March 2018
I hate my daughter 16th March 2018
Control your kid in public or I will 16th March 2018
Slut ass bitch friend 16th March 2018
I HATE MY MATH CLASS 13th March 2018
Why can’t I help myself? And why won’t life give me a break? 11th February 2018


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Apathetic 59

I feel fucking…. ERG. I feel nothing. And this is the problem, always.

I choose flight every single time, and I’m sick of it. I sleep to avoid things. I post depressing shit on Facebook because I can’t say it in real life.

People worry.. I worry.

Homework Due Dates 110

What is the point of due dates on homework? The many answers I have received can be summed up along these lines, “Students won’t do it if there are no due dates.”

There are two broad reasons for not doing homework. 1- you can learn without it. 2- you have other things that are more important to you.

There are also two broad reasons for doing the homework. 1- you learn material by doing problems. 2- Your grade is among the most important things to you.

Some Examples:

Student A only cares …view more

I made a mistake when I followed my mom and her new husband Pt2 14

It was around this time that stepdad showed his true face to us. He made us feel as though our current situation was me and my sister’s fault. We did not have to do any chores before, which I agree was probably us being spoiled, but he made it a very big point to force us to do all that he used to do which was the laundry, cleaning of the house, and etc (this was because my mom was too lazy to do it herself and made him do it). If we didn’t do it right, if we left so much as a speck behind, we …view more

Mom 1015

I fucking hate my mom!!! She is so fake and thinks she has it so well put together!!! HELLO MOM!! WE CAN FUCKING SEE WHAT YOU’RE REALLY THINKING!!!

Yeah so you hate your husband and want to go fuck an old fame, well don’t lie about it!! Get real and throw away your damn fake religion while your at it. It’s helped you be even more fake, everyone with their fake smiles and doing god’s will.


Oh and don’t pretend like your available to care for me, you are so split you …view more

alopecia fame milking 15

This chick has alopecia. shes like 20. her mom makes her turn it into some huge issue when any opportunity presents itself. For those of you who dont know, alopecia means you dont grow hair. It isnt life threatening or harmful in any way, yet her mom nags everyone for spots, causes, fundraisers, speaking at events….. of course all on the platform of anti-bullying… anyways, she tries to get vicarious fame through her daughter and its just a sad pathetic cause.

Get Fuckin’ Real 924

Hey, friend: instead of using other people’s more well-written opinions to formulate your own, why not try, I don’t know, THINKING FOR YOUR FUCKING SELF!!! It’s bad enough that you go on and on and ON about women and ethnic groups and religion and everything wrong with them, and I have to listen to every single fucking word and pretend it’s all fine with me. But now you’re going to judge MY taste in music, books, movies games, etc. on SOMEONE ELSE’S OPINIONS?!?! FUCK. YOU.

My Weight 47

I’m 14….I’m 5′6 and weigh 225 pounds….. I’m extremely active, I play soccer 4 times a week, and I ref for money. I’ve been told I look 170 pounds by people who don’t know my weight….but its still scary…. it has to be effecting my health in some way! I have an extremely slow metabolism. I used to be 180 pounds October of 2013, I was doing premiere soccer as a goal keeper, only girl out of 6 people, I had also been helping out with the younger teams in AYSO. My doctor told me I was doing to much …view more

Oh Dear Lord 615

I see you on the bus and we have a decent conversation. However, when we get off, you come over to my house and smoke in my backyard, smoke in he graveyard across the street, smoke in front of the church I live next to, bring me over to your house so you can smoke and drink there, offer me a cigarette and a beer and when I say no you say press on and tell me it wont kill me if I do it once. You even brought your boyfriend to your house while I was there and said that you twowere gonna have sex …view more

Dumb Friend pt 1 1010

*Ignore all comments about how crappy the site is. Those were meant for another, shitty, censored site I posted to before finding this one.*
Okay first of all normally I’d be posting this elsewhere, on a rant site that doesn’t have idiotic rules and allows fucking CUSSING, but that site’s down indefinitely, so I’m stuck with this.
S you are such a fucking idiot. You lecture me all the time about life like you know everything, get mad at me when I say I don’t agree with you having sex, then you …view more

My 2015 story. 1018

My ‘friends’ forget about me all the time. They forgot my birthday, despite the fact I try to make/buy something for them on their birthdays. On Dec 20th, there was a small party I was invited to, yet I was able to leave (I was sick) without anyone but the host noticing. Just yesterday they had a new years party and forgot about me. Everyone else in my school is the same as them, so I can’t find new friends. So I’m going into CyberSchool, because these people who claim to care about me don’t …view more

Lol at people who bitch about not being respected 310

Regarding co-workers - Here is the thing about people who complain that you are disrespecting them because of some thing you have said. In most cases people are not going to disrespect someone they know on purpose. So if someone is disrespecting you that already knows; you more than likely you’ve already lost their respect. Remember respect is earned or lost based on your actions. So before you call someone out about disrespecting you perhaps you should check your own behavior I think I can …view more

Awkward 05

I fucked my best friend 3 days before christmas….I’m trying to act like normal but it is so hard especially now that I’ve just met him and his gf because I went to spend a day in the city….I don’t know how to act and shit ughhhh during the time spend at his house we kept having eye contact and he keeps on looking at me when we are alone I feel so bad for his gf and shit but I don’t know fuck pls don’t tell me I’m falling for my bff ughhhhhhhhh

Something to be ashamed of? 1914

‘So what do you do in your spare time?’

Well I like to write explicit gay porn…

It soothes me.

yeah guys, you WILL be taken for a ride when you choose a WHORE over a nice girl 915

you all made your fucking beds, so lay in ‘em!!! no more whining about getting golddug into poverty. no more bitching about surprise pregnancies and child support. most smart older women dont want babies or cant have them but oooooh noooo we aren’t good enough for you arrogant COCKS!!! you know what? you can all chase your retarded 20 year-old cunts straight into HELL for all i care. just DONT show up in public spaces, moaning about a situation YOU CHOSE. you wanted the ignorant immature …view more

Why does the whore get away with this 614

I love how one of my whore of a niece can be freeloading my father-in-law’s car because she let her insurance lapse & can’t afford to renew it, however she CAN afford a mani-pedi. I guess it’s because she’s getting medicaid, welfare & free daycare for her kid, food stamps, WIC vouchers, AND unemployment. (All while working 40 hours & getting paid under the table, tax free.)

Grrrrrr…. I really hope karma is a bitch to her someday!

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