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. 00

Maybe I should just do it. I want to. But I don’t want to hurt any feelings. Is life worth it? Cause every thing hurts. I’m not skinny enough, pretty enough, tough enough, smart enough, kool enough, sweet enough, hard enough, perfect enough… I’m just not enough. I put all my energy into being pretty, but I’m still ugly without makeup, so what’s the point. I’m a time waister.. and energy vampire. Worthless. Annoying, selfish, unnapreciative. Impatient, rude, narcisistic, needy, and …view more

My sister the MOOCH 32

My sister is the main reason I want to move out. My husband and I have been forced to live at home with my sweet mother and my sister, because of financial difficulties. Oh. My. Gosh. My sister is such a lazy, ungrateful mooch! She sits around all day watching netflix, cooking and then wasting food that someone else bought, and NEVER cleans up after herself. She hasn’t washed a dish in… what, YEARS? This morning I found a plate with bread crusts sitting ON THE COUCH right next to her …view more

Overall humanity sucks 22

Sure there’s lots of good things about humanity. Sure there’s lots of things to be positive about.

BUT… overall, the tendency and direction of humanity is a downward spiral.

Everyone knows it. I think that’s what drives me mad the most… the insanity of watching the collective world around me try to kid itself that the good things in between and the positive things will somehow win out overall when every scrap of evidence says otherwise.

I bet lots of you will read this and know …view more

I hate stupid people. 2310

I’m sure that almost everybody feels this way at some point, if not at all times. Why must the world be bubbling over with idiots? Why am I asked an innumerable amount of stupid questions each day? Why does it seem that I am the only person on the fucking planet that has any common sense?

Grown ups 67

How come adults are allowed to yell at you an make you feel like crap just because they’re grown ups!?! Then when you stand up for yourself you get in trouble! It’s not fair! They tell you to stand up for yourself unless it’s against them.

Lies 00

I make up this story about my family that I tell whenever someone asks me about them. Truth is we’re not really rich, my Dad abandoned my Mom and I, and I’m not really an heir to a vast business. I just said all that to keep up with my rich college friends.

Over the Hills and Far Away…. 11

… I truely cant wait for a new year to come because 2012 has been hell for me. Yet im to blame for all of it. I will say there has been ONE great thing this year and that is meeting Shannon. She is amazing in every way and i am very thankful for her and how she has lifted my spirits to new heights. were in the process right now of getting an apartment together and its very exciting for both of us because of how well we mesh and get along. But now with information that im just receiving i feel …view more

649 may you end up a hank moody conquest 60

bring you ass to work and stop texting me when we’re off we arent friends you arent my supervisor im not your child and ATLAS is cheating on you. grow up you bottleglass wearing heifer.

I hate my aunt 00

My aunt skipped my great-grandmother’s funeral 3 years ago.
Not only that but never sent a floral arrangement, never acknowledged her death, never sent a card to our family. It was her own grandmother.

This woman is the most vile person I have ever met.

Her own mother in law died and when she wrote a letter to our family, she said she was curious to see what her in law’s body looked like after death. (Ya I don’t get it either……)
She expressed no sadness for the death of her mother …view more

guys pfffft 815

Why do guys always go for the sluts. The younger sluts too.
They say they want a real serious relationship and then bang some young honey.
I can’t tell, they say their girlfriend is an angel, virgin before they met them and doesn’t do drugs or smoke or doing anything of that nature.
Are guys really that stupid and naive ???
Or do they know and know care???
how can they honestly believe that bullshit !


Me and my now ex went out for 13 months. Our bestfriends nicolle and Andrew went out for 6. They broke up 8 months ago and nicolle still hasn’t moved on. Kevin and I broke up a month ago and were pretty good on moving on. Nicolle and I were talking and she said I can’t do anything with Andrew. But now she’s talking about doing stuff with Kevin. Really bitch, we broke up a month ago and you can do whyever the damn well you please but I can’t even give Andrew a kiss good night, really? …view more

Your car is not a delicate flower. 00

I can’t stand people who get pissed if you happen to touch their car. You expose this thing to the wind and the rain, the risk of rocks and dirt from the road dirtying and/or scratching the hell out of it, bugs splattering on it, and birds crapping on it, and yet me absently placing my hand on the hood while we’re chatting is what’s going to ruin your paint job? Get a fucking life.

Argh. 10

My roommate got annoyed at me for throwing out her moldy food. We share a fridge. I deserve a fridge that doesn’t have stuff growing in it. And this is the same roommate who ruined another roommates cooking pan and won’t replace it, and who I’m pretty sure stole the forth roommates tupperware. And she insinuated that I was either a liar or stupid by claiming that the food wouldn’t have gone bad that fast. There was white mold on it. Fuck you. I’m so glad she moves out in two weeks. I …view more

Backstabbing cunt wad bitch 00

The person that I thought was my best friend told her boyfriend that, long story short, I was trying to flirt with her and get in her pants when I was doing the complete opposite. Then her boyfriend messages me on Facebook basically threatening my life. So I message my supposed best friend on snap and right before we made up her boyfriend, who is 300 miles away, logs on to her snap , which is super unhealthy, amd threatens my life again. And this girl turned the people we were with against me …view more

Such a bad place…….. 45

Feel like I’m having the worst day of my life. Got far too much stuff on my mind and can no longer block it out, it’s driving me crazy. My Nana, the best person in my life, most amazing person ever, is dying of cancer. I’m struggling to visit her now cos she’s not herself anymore, she looks so ill and frail and it’s killing me to see her like that. Feeling selfish for not going to see her, but it hurts too much. Feel like I can’t to anyone about it or I’ll just break down and …view more

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