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oy… 812

ok…i have a crush on two seniors who are taken, a freshman whose taken, a guy in the eighth grade (whose friend has a crush on me), and my friend’s little brother. There are these two girls in my PE class who keep asking me who i like and i won’t tell them. it has gone on for at least a week. i’m kinda getting sick of it. idk if i should tell them who i like or tell them to kiss it. i’m leaning towards telling them to kiss it. they won’t give up and i got really close to cussing them out in the …view more

Big City Bride is absolutely the worst wedding planning service in Chicago 818

Big City Bride is absolutely the worst wedding planning service in Chicago, if not in America. This place is all style, no substance; all talk, no walk. They have their employees, family and friends write glowing online reviews that are completely fake! And If you try and write a negative review about this business on yelp, it gets removed in a flash!
My fiance and I paid $25,565 to have this company plan our wedding. I either got the most mentally inept wedding planner alive or the entire …view more


Ok guys i need some major help and advice please? Maybe from some guys who had to overcome the “friend” zone or females who are out of the closet and need to find out if my bestfriend is into me. I’m a female who has never been with another female or even desired to be until me and my other half met. We’ve never done anything together sexually, but deep down I know there’s somethin there. Maybe she’s scared but the way she looks at me isn’t a lie. The chemistry can get heavy and strong but …view more

how about no 210

Of fucking cause your seeing someone at the moment, take out for drinks and fuck up my hair all while leading my on, u sounded pretty fucking keen before hand but i guess i rubbed you off the wrong way? fuck off

wish i was a boy !!! 06

So my brother takes my phone charger and gives it to my mum , i ask for it back and my mums using it , my mum say give me your phone ill charge it . im half way though telling my crush i fancy her. my dad screams at me telling me to take my phone down stairs and what im hiding, i quickly delete the message the thing is my crush , is a girl and i dont want my parents to find out im bi now my dad thinks im hiding sommit and hes looking though my phone . what if he sees my messages like when my …view more


Every fucking time. I love my friends they’re nice enough people and sure I don’t enjoy a few people in my group but let’s be honest theirs always someone you don’t get along with. Ever since New Year’s Eve it’s like they decided to exclude me from their hang outs and shit. And I know for sure I’m not pushy or annoying because I try my hardest not to piss anyone off. 1st the New Year’s Eve party then their hike then just generally hanging out at each other’s houses and what pisses me off the …view more

i’m not sure about anything. 610

I am totally overwhelmed. I keep it together simply because if I don’t everything around me will fall a part.

I love him and I can’t win this game. So… I’ll just quit playing. His past transgressions make me fear infidelity. There is no half way point. He doesn’t hear me… he just doesn’t want to be blamed.

backstabbing bitch 1524

Seriously, this bitch friend of mine need to come down to earth, and tell me to my fucking face all the lies she been trying to spread about me before I get seriously POD at her and bitch her out with all the shit that is ACTUALLY true about her and her pathetic hoe-ish life. I been nothing but fucking nice to her, despite how stupid I always thought her decisions have been, and helped her out. So seriously….Get a fucking life, and stop making up BS about me to OUR FRIENDS. I’m so sick of her …view more

wishing for freedom 1418

my mum died a few months ago really suddenly, i miss her so much, it hurts all of the time. i want to kill myself and follow her but i cant because i have a little brother, we have no other family so its just me and him. if i didnt have him, i would be free, im starting to resent his existance, how awful is that. i really dont know whatto do.

Awkward Moment 511

That Awkward Moment when you’re asked “Are you OK?”
And you reply, “I’m Fine.” and now every one obvi knows your not fine.

oh its 2015 19

I’m so sick of all this back to the future bullshit

give it a rest now


ou know what? I’d love to just tell you what you want to hear. I’d love to say that you’re doing the right thing and a relationship with her is fantastic for you and everyone around you. But I can’t. You know why? BECAUSE YOU’RE DOING THE WRONG THING. And just because I’ve told you I’ll always be here for you no matter what she does to you (and I will, of course. That’s what I do), doesnt mean I can be Little-Miss-Encourage-R___-In-Everything-He-Does. BECAUSE I CANT. I’ve told you that she’s …view more

Over the Hills and Far Away…. 26

… I truely cant wait for a new year to come because 2012 has been hell for me. Yet im to blame for all of it. I will say there has been ONE great thing this year and that is meeting Shannon. She is amazing in every way and i am very thankful for her and how she has lifted my spirits to new heights. were in the process right now of getting an apartment together and its very exciting for both of us because of how well we mesh and get along. But now with information that im just receiving i feel …view more

Shitty Fathers. 15

For the man who walked out on your child’s life, congratulations to you. It only gave someone else the opportunity to be a better father than you ever would have been. Do you feel like a big bad man now for being absent from our lives? It must take a lot of effort to forget 2 beautiful daughters every day of your life huh?? Glad I am not in your shoes. It must hurt to know you have grandchildren you will never lay eyes upon because you don’t deserve to. Anyone who is a “decent” parent would …view more

Stupid kids. 2021

Long story short a grey and white cat comes up in my window he’s pretty skinny I feed him my cats check him out and stuff he hangs out and all that good crap. Then two stupid kids run up try to beat him with sticks and throw dirt at him the cat runs away almost into the street but turns around and stays under a car. The kids try and get him out but he doesn’t budge and they go away.

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