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I’m tired. 30th March 2018
WHAT! 30th March 2018
Forum Rage 25th March 2018
Problems with bf 23rd March 2018
Seriously? 18th March 2018
I hate my daughter 16th March 2018
Control your kid in public or I will 16th March 2018
Slut ass bitch friend 16th March 2018
I HATE MY MATH CLASS 13th March 2018
Why can’t I help myself? And why won’t life give me a break? 11th February 2018


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Where the hell are all the good men who want babies?!? 48

I have tried so many datign sites looking for nerdy hunks who want kids and yet i keep bumping into a few men who hate or don’t want kids! I pray all the time and it is not working! I am about to start treatment for PCOS and i have not had sex for over ayear, because i have not found the right guy yet or the right guy has a bimbo slut in his bed! I wish the right man for me dumps his stupid skanky girlfriend and dates me and gives me a baby and wedding ring!

Intolerant-able best friend? 29

I’m not sure if the title matches my real reason for rage but it such is a big part. Although this is petty shit compared to other stories. I hate that I can’t express my feelings but my friend can. She gets butthurt SOO much. She got incredibly mad over a tiny silly joke of a shipping our friends and I admit mostly I made with her and this guy. Originally she shipped me with him but I didn’t want it to stay with me for a long time and for her to keep yelling out in class with his ugly face …view more

Facebook 1722

i hate the bullshit people who go on there, every status is either;

“ohhh i love my boyfriend/girlfriend” after few hours
“why did you leave me, i love you” shit

then you have the twats who post 6 million updates a day about crap nobody cares about.
what they have eaten, how the job is, there kids, how much they hate life and so on.

then you have the twats who want attention who just put “:(” and …view more

Fuck you, you immature brat 08

We were friends. You wanted us to just be friends and I was fine with that but then we weren’t allowed to be friends because your new girlfriend might get jealous because apparently even people in their late 20s/early 30s are no more mature than a 6th grader. You crushed me. Like an idiot, after 3 years I try to get back in touch. At first your emails were friendly. You said what happened was all your fault and that I didn’t know the whole story. Then you say that you want to be open with me …view more

old friend new aquantince 213

I made the mistake of agreeing for my husbands best friend to sleep on my couch. It turned out he wanted to move in with us so we upsized..after a few months he had a girlfriend who wanted to move in with us as well so again we upsized to a bigger place. He ended up fudging my husband out of a hire paying job but after his hours got cut went crawling to him for a position at my husband’s work..which of course he got he just told us through text there moving out in two kind …view more

i don’t make lots of money, but i manage my finances well… 47

I only have $19,500 left on my mortgage, and I’m only 30-years old!!!! Super pumped!!!

So confused 2030

I have just mustered up the guts to ask this girl out but I can’t help feeling scaired. I don’t know if it’s because of the way she answered or the fact that I’m afraid that I will just get my heartbroken again. I mean it’s not wrong to feel that way is it? The last girl i dated turned out to be a lot less then she said she was. From the fact that she was almost always drunk ot the fact that she tried denying that she cheated on me. I geuss it’s just that she left me with a couple of scares …view more




My application is due TOMORROW. And today, of all days, commonapp decides that it isn’t going to upload my essay. “Error uploading document. Please try again.” I have tried again. And again. And again. And again! And I know it’s not my computer because I had no problems uploading the Northwestern supplement essay. Just this Main Fucking essay! Fuck Fuck FUCK! I need this to go though!
Happy fucking new year my ass. Damn it! Thanks commonapp. You really got my new year off to a good fucking …view more

I dont know what to do 611

i like this boy in my class and he is my guy friend we are shipped a lot but he refuses it and i refuse to it to hide my feelings and i just laugh along with it hes a really great guy and i do not want to break off are relation ship i am a really quiet and shy girl and hes pretty loud and we are both the opposite what brought us together was anime he saw me drawing some in class and then we became friends i dont know why i like him we have nothing really in common other than playing in …view more


theres this song from top. a character named blurryface. said that it represents the singers insecurities. I Have blurryface inside me, and he cares what i think and makes me think more until im drowning to my own thoughts and cant contain my self. i ended up crying with no reason. i just became sad and conscious about the environment especially the people around me and who knows me. i am afraid of making dossapointments. i am afraid and curious about what epople think of me even though i force …view more

Advice for an advice giver? 3140

Well… I mean there’s always a lot of tension in people lives especially being young like myself living the college life..but I’m always the person that my friends come to for advice, as much as I love to lend an ear it kinda bothers me with one of my friends…I’ve known her for awhile and we’ve had our tiffs, but in the end I don’t think she really listens. I understand advice is a word of opinion to help guide you, but when your constantly going to someone with the same questions after you …view more

Tired 1416

It’s late. I’m tired. I’ve been to practice from 7 this evening to nearly half past 9. I had a long work day BEFORE practice. I skipped my after-work volunteering because I was so tired AND still couldn’t get a ride home after work until nearly an hour after I was supposed to leave the office. I get in, manage to put some laundry in the dryer, have something to drink and then get ready to go for when my ride shows up to take me to practice. I text you that I’m going, that I don’t expect to be …view more

EWW GRosS! 2221

Had a guy come in and drop a prescription off with his girlfriend/skank. As I’m typing up his profile, I didn’t notice until I glance back over to let him know it’s going to be a few minutes, that he is dry grind/humping his girlfriend against my counter. I mean really? You are in a public place! I promptly told him it’ll be a few minutes, we’ll call him if he’s got something better to do. What I really wanted to do is ask him if he was just going to fuck her against the counter, since that’s …view more

Shy man 2337

I am such a shy bitch!!! I never set any of my own boundaries, I always speak in absolutes, and feel like a fucking a nightmare!!! I am so unclear in my communication. So afraid of what people will think of my real intentions. I am afraid they will know that I really just want to rule over them with my dark powers. Hahahhaa. That seems funny. I guess I have always felt like a terribly powerful killer, and I am afraid to act because I will hurt them.

I think now i can look differently at my …view more

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