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ranting becaus I’m bored and want to annoy ths shit out of you 25

I want to rant because its dumb and I’m bored. Boys are stupid. the world sucks. Blah blah blah. I don’t give a fuck about your problems in life. Keep our shit to yourself. No one one this site gives a damn about ou because they’re all assholes. I hate sugarfree food, you’re a hypocrite, people are assholes. Blah blah blah.

This is what everyone on this is site sounds like.

Fed Up 57

I don’t even know where to begin. Short and sweet, my SIL is a bitch, and I’m tired of it.

All day long all I hear is bitch, bitch, bitch. She enjoys the pleasure of looking for things to complain about, one little thing and you’ll get bitched at.

She prances around the house all day bitching and crying, I do everything around here and no body helps me. Oh, fucking please. All you do is sit on your ass all fucking day long watching TV and fucking off on your phone. You don’t do shit. Poor …view more

The Problem With Dating A Younger Guy 210

My boyfriend is 6 years my junior. 85% more mature than most guys my age… Except.. When he gets mad at me he blasts me with the silent treatment

math teacher 016

My math teacher babbles for a large part of class (2 hours long) without explaining a single thing. All she does is explain what problems are asking for and what they say rather than how to find the answer and solve it.

life sucks 610

life fucking sucks. but what do i know, i’m manic depressive. but see this is why it sucks. I get one life to live and my brain is fucked up. I can’t be a normal fucking person. I get one chance to be a human on this planet and for some reason out of my control my mind is broken. I hate to say it but my country sucks, everyone is fucking greedy and stupid. The worst thing about my country is people don’t even realize they are greedy and stupid. They think they are the best and have reasons …view more

Abandoned 02

My dad left me and my mother when I was five, well more like me and my mom left him, for his brother. AKA my uncle on my dads side. My mom and my uncle had a child who is my brother/ cousin right? Just to clarify this was my dads brother. NOT MY MOMS BROTHER! But anyways, my brother is a brat who gets whatever he wants, and he live with both of his parents, and I live with one(my mom) she gave him the perfect life ( protects him from everything she didn’t even bother to hide from me, she even …view more

Why are some people so toxic in game chat 16

God, some people need to just get off the earth if they see everyone else as idiots of faggots! and for GODDAMN’S SAKE, IT IS A FUCKING GAMEROOM CHAT and the fucking mute button does not work…!

school will ruin me 012

tomorrow school is starting again and i feel so anxious, even though i have no problems with people or with teachers at school? It is my last year, so I only have ca 4 months to go, but i don’t know what i’ll do after school either…
before the winter break I already skipped classes a looot and I expect from myself that I will not skip classes anymore until I graduate. I somehow doubt myself and that I cannot fulfill my expectations and that I’ll keep skipping classes. I wonder why it is …view more

eating disorder stress 16

I really really want to recover from my anorexia but for some reason I keep restricting my calories a lot. I just feel like my stupid dietitian is trying to hard to make an effort to make me fat and she really tries to control me and it makes me hate her so so much. Ugh!!! Kill me now!!!

Letting Go 03

I just let my best friend of 5 years go after she stabbed me in the back. It hurts knowing I never got to tell her my side. (She’s not dead) I’m moving to the other side of the world in 2 weeks and it hurts that I didn’t have her by my side, or anyone by my side for that matter. I though forgiving her would feel better, but instead I feel so much worse and I just want to die. I don’t know how she feels, but from what I’ve seen she’s moved on and happy. It just hurts so bad that she moved on so …view more

You’re a grown person get your priorities right! 22

I hate that you care more about your dumb computer than your family. How old are you?! I understand thats your downtime but come on! You don’t do anything but play games on the stupid computer. You can’t even eat dinner with your family cause your so caught up in the game! WTF?! Your kid begs you to spend time together but all you can say is either no not now or give me a few…then hrs past by and the poor kid is still waiting to play with daddy! The dog gets more attention the we do! You say …view more

Stupid f*ckers, Why? 36

Why is life so utterly painful if you have the slightest intellect? Have you ever notice how stupid people are constantly going ‘Wow’ at everything? That’s because their tiny, emaciated brains are seeing everything like it’s the very first time. They actually ENJOY work, because they don’t even have to think at all for eight hours. They eat the same fucking meals on certain days of the week, and go to the same place on holiday every year where they do the same sodding thing - stare at the sea …view more


i just dont understand why the fuck my manager hates me so fucking much, other than the obvious fact that i’m white and he prefers African American people, considrering he is an african american himself. He doesn’t even try to hide his hatred for me, he blatantly does it in front of co-workers and i don’t get it, i try really fucking hard to do a good job so just for once he’ll stop riding my ass about the dumbest shit, that he lets other people get away with. literally he has made me cry at …view more

Oh boy 104

I’m in love with my husbands best friend. He’s funny, good looking, sweet while my husband is nasty, lies and cheats.

Part that pisses me off? I’ll never be able to let him know, because he has a wonderful girlfriend and I can’t get a divorce.

Blargh. 511

What happened to the past? When everything was simple, people seemed to help out total strangers in need, and there didn’t seem to be so much drama everywhere. It didn’t feel like everyone was out for themselves…not to say that the present isn’t too horrible, it just feels like we’re missing something.

Maybe it’s just the depression talking.

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