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I HATE people that abuse animals 313

My anger is such that I had to find an anonymous site to rant on because literally everyone in my family is asleep and I need to vent.
Just read a horrific animal abuse story and it makes me sick. WHY are there such sick FUCKS in the world?? I am going to be haunted by this forever and traumatized.

I need a hug 05

Just that- life is kind of shit right now, and I don’t have friends around here. I just need a hug and someone to listen.

She needs to learn her place 412

She thinks it’s appropriate to walk around the apartment in her underwear like it’s no big deal. I am no prude, I just don’t like this girl having her ass hanging out around my boyfriend. Yes, I have low confidence. Yes, I view her as a threat. She’s the kind to sleep around, and I would not put it past her to chance her arm by going after my boyfriend.
He tells me he’s not a cheater, I believe him. It’s so hard not to think he wouldn’t at least think of getting with her, when she’s always …view more

Take this job and shove it 13

Dear whoever-the-hell-thinks-I?m-able-to-be-thrown-around-like-a-dirty-rag-doll

F.U.C.K. Y.O.U.!!!
I?m sick of being treated like garbage at work - and people thinking that just because I?m not a glorified teacher, I can be tossed from here to there! AND T.G. - take your nastyass dresses and holier-than-thou attitude and EAT IT. Shove it in your enormous face, and choke on it.

And B.B. - how DARE you back-stab me!! Just because you?ve been there longer than me, gives you NO RIGHT to go back …view more

Death 1015

Sometimes I become really aware that I will die and the idea of “everything’s fine now and then BANG! Darkness forever” scares the sh*t out of me.
On the other hand… thinking everyone’s going to die too kinda makes me feel a little better.

What the HELL am I doing to myself?? 616

I’m falling too deep. This is bad. I got that jealous hurt feeling in my stomach for the first time today. Like…why should I care? He’s not my boyfriend. He doesn’t want to be. He doesn’t want to be in a relationship and dammit I’m not supposed to want it either. I don’t know how it changed. I think it’s because he’s doing everything that makes me want him. He’s staying at just the right distance. Enough to piss me off and make me crazy. Enough to make me swoon when he finally gives me …view more


You know what, it doesnt take a lot of effort to be nice to someone or even tell them something nicely when they mess up. It doesnt mean u have to treat them like trash, its not like that makes you any better. Maybe you are a bitter old man with no life. You are you say? Oh well that explains A LOT. good luck on the streets, i better not find you there. And dont think your important because your a treacher that doesnt mean anything, i msan your a teacher for christ sakes! Im a teen and my life …view more

we r certainly more than a pair of tits. gezzzzzz 13

and NOWHERE on the box of medium blonde does it say may turn red and fry your hair. cant even fix it without it all falling out. gezzzzzzzzzz

i did have the time of my life, usually my surprizes r bad, very very bad. nice for a happy one for a change. today is my birthday and i can dew anything i want. probably the same old boring crap but atleast i am consistent. baaahhhhhaaaaaaa

every weekend gets better and better. i can see light and reallity at the end of the tunnel anddd really ive …view more

School 47

Biology sucks ass, accounting sucks ass, math sucks ass, and computer science sucks ass. Education is a brainwashing experiment by the government. Crazy bitches need to chill out.

Sext 14

I sext my friend and tell him I love him just about every day and he tells me he loves me too and we aren’t even dating. Actually he broke up with his girlfriend a few weeks ago. I think we would make a cute couple, but when I asked him out he said no(this was before the sexting). We see each other at school most of the time and he is a huge flirt, but without us actually being and item it feels wrong to keep texting such nasty things to each other. Granted it is fun, but it’s still wrong. …view more

Really? 010

I’m a good looking fucking guy, i’ve been told that by many but yet I still have a hard time with girls. What the fuck do I need to do? I don’t want that random makeout sesh where I’m never gonna see you again. I don’t want you to forget me the next day. Why can’t girls just see who I am, do I really need to be a dick to get your attention? Girls always complain how no guy is there to treat them right, well maybe because you all fucking look for the dicks that will hurt you. Get your shit …view more

emotions suck. 34

Lately, I have been an emotional mess. I would be happy one day but become the opposite the following day. I can’t focus on assignments anymore, procrastinating until I decide to get some sleep. My optimism reaches its highest levels on a good day, then pessimism takes over on a bad one. It’s never stable and I hate myself for it. My relationship with my dear mother is currently on the rocks and I’ve lost a close friend due to my moodiness. Can’t blame them, though. Plus, I’m worried that it …view more

I Hate School 17

Every fucking day, Monday-Friday, I have to get up at 5:45 in the morning to get ready and get on a damn bus to start the viscous cycle of homework, being around potheads all day, and working myself until I can barely even function. I want to go into the biology field, so why do I need to take, algebra, physics, English classes (I’m fluent in the damn language), and history (I pretty much know everything in that field). People will tell me that I need to enjoy my school years while they last, …view more

Dear God, what the Hell have I done? Part 2 710

In May you asked me to come home. You said we’d be ok, that we’d work thru everything. That you could and had forgiven me for what I’d done…

The next 5 months were rough- lots of arguing, lots of being alone because you were working or out with friends- drinking, embarrassed of me- we didn’t even have our own place…we had one room, in your brother’s house, with your entire family. I still felt guilty for what I’d done.
5 months since you asked me to come home, 5 months since I figured out how …view more

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