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WHAT! 30th March 2018
Forum Rage 25th March 2018
Problems with bf 23rd March 2018
Seriously? 18th March 2018
I hate my daughter 16th March 2018
Control your kid in public or I will 16th March 2018
Slut ass bitch friend 16th March 2018
I HATE MY MATH CLASS 13th March 2018
Why can’t I help myself? And why won’t life give me a break? 11th February 2018


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This is not about politics, this is about being FUCKING SCARED. 2036

Abortion was never a major issue for me. I doubt I’ll ever get one. Even if I was pregnant unexpectedly (and trust me, if I got pregnant now, it WOULD be unwanted) I’m not sure if I could get one. But what I’m seeing in Texas and Ohio and North Carolina scares the shit out of me because it’s starting to become a pattern.

I don’t just see restrictive laws being passed, I see ELECTED OFFICIALS show CONTEMPT for women. I see them walk out of the room while rape victims are testifying and shout …view more

i wish to leave not because i think 28

good or bad of THIS. but becuase i think good and bad for ME. mostly bad. dont think the damage is brain butttt spinal and really that cant bee good over the long run. and it’s been a reallllyyyy long run.really after a certain age the bod dont recover like it use to. mehhhh the meaning of life. ummm i dont have any great feeling about anything. zero ambition and am content to deal with my crap and watch dumb video’s and read the news. shrug. we need a cheerleader. and something to do. spring, …view more

My Boyfriend 1314

My boyfriend is going to drive me crazy. He wants to have sex all the time and when I ask him to do things with me, like go on a date, he always backs out of it. I asked him to have dinner with me and he agreed, but then he complained about how he was full from thanksgiving (2 days ago) and didn’t really want to. When I asked what he wanted to do he told me that he didn’t really want to do anything. So I told him that I was going to take myself out on a date and his reply was “alright if that’s …view more

Ungrateful brat 112

So my sugar daddy didn’t pay me this week… He decided he would buy me a guitar and new car this week though but likeeeee where’s my allowance we agreed on

grow up 510

Seriously, life isn’t black and white. Lying won’t save your skin in the long run. Judging others and enjoying ganging up on someone says more about you than you think. I have stood by and watched you, my best friend, do that to others. But I don’t think that I’ll put up with this anymore. It’s wrong. You’ve hurt so many people with your selfishness, even your parents. Your mom called me less than an hour ago and said “do something”.
I don’t know what she expects me to do. Maybe it’s what I …view more

Everything changes, everything falls apart. 2024

When my former best friend and I became friends when we were 10, she was a very sweet, kind person, but she was terribly insecure and struggled with anxiety issues. This insecurity followed her throughout middle school, high school, and beyond. I always tried to encourage her, did what I could to foster confidence in her, but no matter what I did, her insecure nature always crept back up. In high school, I started noticing that whenever she started making a new friend, she’d always change her …view more

fuck you, dad 39

i’m so fucking sick and tired of you and your bullshit. i cannot wait for the day when i finally get to get out of this stupid house and go to college. i hope you enjoy your hypocrisy and stupid daughter. how do you think i feel when you criticize me and threaten me when this little bitch gets off scot-free with all the shit she does? i’m done with this double standard. i don’t want to be somewhere where i’m emotionally abused and unappreciated.

emotions suck. 38

Lately, I have been an emotional mess. I would be happy one day but become the opposite the following day. I can’t focus on assignments anymore, procrastinating until I decide to get some sleep. My optimism reaches its highest levels on a good day, then pessimism takes over on a bad one. It’s never stable and I hate myself for it. My relationship with my dear mother is currently on the rocks and I’ve lost a close friend due to my moodiness. Can’t blame them, though. Plus, I’m worried that it …view more

Need Air Conditioning At Work 08

It’s almost 90 degrees in here, and humid. It will be almost six more hours before I have a chance to leave this room, or even get a drink of water. The air conditioning is shut off, and there is nothing I can do about it. I already feel nauseated and dizzy and I know that once again I’m going to end up really sick. The ice pack I smuggled in under my shirt melted hours ago. The boss went to a meeting over three hours ago and never came back, so I can’t even complain. I’m tempted to just call a …view more

UGH 1321

Whenever I am trying to do homework with my friend after school, she always decides to bring her boyfriend with us so then I never get homework done because I am always thirdwheeling and because when I try to they go “M/N YOU ARE THIRD WHEELING JOIN US SO YOU’RE NOT ALONE” Which makes it worse bc I just got out of a relationship

calm down 1218

you’re not fucking special for playing the ukulele okay it’s a popular instrument so stop acting like you invented playing you didn’t okay did you ever think for a second that people might have the same fucking interests as you who the fuck cares if a lot of people started playing ukulele after you you’re not like the only person on the planet who’s allowed the ukulele so how about you get off your high horse and chill for five seconds jesus christ

where did time go 67

it just occurred to me that i am 24 years old. this is not where i pictured my life would be. it feels like people my age have passed me up. i’m not really doing anything i didn’t do when i was a teenager. no man, no kids, no degree… it’s just me. me and my job and my unsatisfying social life. i’m a loser. something needs to change. i need to change. where the fuck do i start?

This sucks. 1613

Okay, so I have been sexually active, and decided I’ll do the deed one last time, with a condom of course, and then be abstinate for a while. Well, now my period isnt coming.
Ironic huh?

Life Sucks Big time. 1425

I’m in love with with him. I think about him day and night. Any time spent with him or texting him makes me smile form ear to ear.
He does not know any of this or I don’t think he does.
Every time I think about him which is a lot makes me super depressed cause I know that “we” will never happen.
I would never tell him this cause i would be devastated if our great friendship would end.
I wish i could get over him but it’s hard to do when we spent lunch time together.
I would love if there was …view more

addicted to food 48

you know when you hear people talk about how it feels to be hooked on drugs? that’s how i feel about food. it’s a constant want. if i’m not eating i’m thinking about food. i over eat. sometimes i throw up. i’m never not hungry. it comforts me. it’s better than sex… i don’t know what to do.

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