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damn you lazy bitch 20

fucking hell, what the hell is wrong with you that you can’t grasp the simplest of tasks and actually WORK. you are going to get fired soon and i’ll be the happiest person in the fucking world when that happens.

contibuting to the problem we face already… 22

You buy your daughters (8 & 13) kate spade, dooney and burke, etc., everything with an “I” in front of it, both girls have walk in closets full of clothes and shoes, any animal they want, trips to the bahamas, spain, all over the states. They don’t have chores, do not give back to the community in any way and are snotty to other children that don’t cheer or dance and expect them to be fine upstanding citizens when they are adults. The kicker is: YOU HAVE A MASTERS DEGREE IN CHILDHOOD …view more

mornin 00

mostly just in pain today. arg. the last act of my journey could potencially bee called waiting for the pain meds to kick in blues. shrug. we r all gettin old.

i think in my heart i will always bee looking for a partner. i just dont expect to find one. it’s just part of my base. circumstance time o life and my present path make sex a moot point for moi. maybe ask somebody who knows. shrug for me a big question, i believe in monogamy in a world where there is no such thing. least for me. and …view more

Such a bad place…….. 45

Feel like I’m having the worst day of my life. Got far too much stuff on my mind and can no longer block it out, it’s driving me crazy. My Nana, the best person in my life, most amazing person ever, is dying of cancer. I’m struggling to visit her now cos she’s not herself anymore, she looks so ill and frail and it’s killing me to see her like that. Feeling selfish for not going to see her, but it hurts too much. Feel like I can’t to anyone about it or I’ll just break down and …view more

My stepmother is crazy 47

Oh dear gawd…this woman has been married to my dad for 1 year and knew him for a year before that. My husband made a silly comment on FB to her and she has been nothing but a bitch since then. He has apologized over and over for the comment yet she won’t accept his apology. She DEMANDS respect yet refuses to give it! I asked her nicely to not be put in the middle of anything and she continually bashes me when speaking to my husband. My dad told her at the beginning that that was just my …view more

my good friend 33

i thought i was getting good with a friend i have and we even said we are best friends but then i just messed up by saying something liking to what she hates. SHE IS THE ONLY PERSON WHO TALKS TO ME not even my girlfriend talks to me this much

Fuck Everybody 36

I haven’t slept in 3 days , and i am exhausted. i told my partner this. he has invited mates around for the last 4 hours since i got home and i’m about to lose my fucking mind at them so i’ll post it randomly instead. fuuuuuuuuuck this.

Zodiac sign: Cancer 44

Well, i hate people who born under the cancer moon or sun??! They are sl*t. F*cking sl*t. They emotional like too muCH?!! We do not have many time to convince you?! Just get your a$$ off you bij?! They are deperate of love? Like seriously. Ever chatting with all men/women. It’s not like a normal chat. But lots of flirts in there? I’ve learn about cancers. And most of them are accurately the same! Like f*cking sh*t they even care on helping the other ‘men’ or ‘women’ first. Not their …view more

What is this? 66

We facebooked all the time, you asked for my number, we’ve been talking day after day, and when we met up for the first time in a while, I’d already told you I liked you, but you didn’t even bring it up. You didn’t even have the common decency to reject me, you just pretended it didn’t even happen. I’d rather be rejected than just ignored. It’s like you don’t even think it’s worth your time to mention it.

Fuck you. I’m crazy about you but I won’t stand for this. Not after …view more

I hate God 56

I am so angry with God. Why would he take my friend away from us 4 days before his birthday and graduation? He had so much to live for, was a great man in the making, and now we’re left with a gaping hole in our lives. Right at the end of our university experience, we have lost someone so integral to the structure of our lives. I have to go to my sisters marriage blessing on Saturday, grin and bear it while my brain is screaming that God is a bastard. I have to do a Bible reading, about the …view more

Gold-digging is not for everyone 185

I went on a three day long “date” with a completely unattractive wealthy man, prompted by my extremely shallow mother’s demands. I slept in a separate bedroom. He was a complete catastrophe of utter social awkwardness and patronizing comments. I was so irritated, I actually faked an email to myself saying that if I didn’t fly home immediately, I was in trouble with work. It was complete with Cc’s and FWD’s. I’m thanking heaven above that it actually worked. I have never felt so …view more

Utd fans. 115

Glory hunters who’ve never been to OT in their lives.

Hate em nearly as much as I hate women.

breaking point 64

i try to hold on but it seems like his memory is effecting me .. i cant stop myself from thinking of what we once were…
what we could be again… what he promised me … everytime i think of him i feel a happiness then a depressed rage that goes on for days. i cant stop him from steeling my heart… he has a way of getting me to fall every time. i fell once and he broke my heart.. he still says he loves me but i cant believe thats true … i felt something i have never felt before he put my …view more

relationship trouble.. 01

so me and this guy were, you know, we were talking, we were a thing. we confessed our feelings for each other. but the previous night we were asked something that we regret, said mine was sending a nude, he asked if would send one ever again, i said only if me and the guy are a thing, and if i can trust him. the next night we talked on the phone for 4 hours and i fell for it, he asked me out and right after began asking me questions, like do i touch myself, would i let him finger me at the …view more

fuck school 00

Im stressed about getting shit done for subjects that have nothing to do qith my career its dumb idk why im in school i freaking hate it college is horrible i feel like im wasting my youth i have decire to learn but i jus hate school sooo much idk wat to do

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