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Music to my ears… 35

I swear to God, and all that is holy, if that guy across the hall plays his Glee album on full volume and starts screeching out the lyrics one more time, I will burst into his room, snap his CD in two, and literally gauge out his vocal box with glee.

Clueless self-entitled random (white) folks 1017

I live in downtown Toronto, Ontario, born and raised. Lately I’ve noticed the downtown core’s becoming over run with random, dime a dozen suburbanites… they’re moving to the city in droves and buying up all the condo’s, that are being built all over downtown, like there’s no tomorrow. here’s a word to all you fucking shopping mall sheep:

You all suck!!! You’re all a WASTE OF SPACE with your cell phones and your fucking douchey Coach purses and taking up all the room on the sidewalk. Jump off a …view more


There is this thing called fun and games that often involves little jokes and pretend-insults, referencing a touch of reality but not necessarily representing reality. This is also called ‘humor’. When I say, “He is upstairs anti-socializing”, I don’t mean, “That weirdo is so god-damn anti-social and that ain’t right, and SHIT sister your boyfriend is a fucking loser”. I mean, “He is upstairs. He’s not downstairs. No one else is upstairs. And we’re all downstairs. Therefore, as we all know, …view more

Fired for Stupid Shit 06

I can’t Fucking believe I was just fired because I told a parent their child had a bad day. She was fussy because her teeth were coming in and she didn’t nap. Then they proceeded to tell me I was also fired because I asked a co-worker of she was divorced, and because I told my boss my concerns about how the Fucking teachers won’t get off their Fucking cell phones. I was called a tattle tale and I was told that I can’t tell parents that their child has a bad day. So basically, shut up and don’t …view more

Hand shy 08

I was so stupid! I couldn’t see the emotional damage that I was enduring…and now…well, you’re out of my life finally! I am so glad that’s over, but you keep popping back into my head. All the shit you said to me, the dumb things I did over and over again…the feeling of worthlessness.
And now it’s affecting me.
Now, I can see all the things that I shy away from, the conversations I flinch from…I want to be me again!! I want to speak my mind and hear another opinion without worrying about how …view more

On the 22nd of November 34

I’m going to kill myself.

You’ll all be at work or school. I live near the sea. I’m going to drown, and I’ll never have to see any of you again. You’ll never get to hurt me again, you’ll never make me cry again, and best of all - you’ll never make me hate myself again.

I haven’t felt this free, happy and excited in years.
I can’t wait. After making this decision I feel like all of my worries are irrelevant and your insults and beatings are meaningless. I think I’m happier than I have ever …view more

You think I’ll let you back in?!? 1824

My best friend, out of the blue, tells me that ?We need a break, because I don?t think I can do this anymore.? She tells me, ?You?re too controlling.? When I ask her to elaborate, she won?t give me an example on HOW I?m ?too controlling?. After I tear her, my best friend of TWO FREAKING YEARS, out of my heart, I find out she?s talking sh*t about me behind my back!! This is after she, AND her mother, told me ?It?s just that you?re/we?re both leaders, and sometimes you need to let me/her lead. …view more

Directed at an individual 27

I’m all for women being able to get abortions but when you purposely get pregnant and then get an abortion because the father left you and you want sympathy, that makes you a piece of shit, the fact that you’ve done this multiple times makes it even worst

Deadbeat dads are the lowest pieces of shit ever! 25

I wish I could say everything that I am getting ready to say to your ugly face! You have got some real nerve motherfucker! I hope you know that I only let you get by with this shit because I don’t want you to EVER have a chance at visitation with MY son! How dare you claim me and MY son on your taxes when you abandoned me and your 3 children 8 fucking years ago! You have not paid a DIME to me in all those 8 years, and you think you deserve something? I hope you enjoy that $3000.00 you got back …view more

Fuck fake bestfriend 28

I’m on anti-depressants and A friend of mine mindlessly and shamelessly told people that it’s a pill for acne. What kind of acne medication has to be for years? Wtf its so embarassing it’s so degrading because i dont even have much acne. As a girl it’s very degrading. Fuck you bitchhhhhh you speak like you know so much about me fucker

What am I worth? 1423

I keep fucking up my life and i can never forgive myself. I’m such an emotional person and i get emotionally attached and because of that I do things i regret to feel like I’m worth something when in in the end it just makes me feel less and less about myself. I feel so alone, even though i’m surrounded by people who i know love me. I have family, but I don’t know what family is. I have friends, but they all leave me thinking everything is fine. I have myself, but I’m the person I hate the …view more

I haven’t forgiven you yet 2720

How fucking dare you? I waited for you, patiently. I never complained when you drew back for no reason or ignored me. When I finally had you, after MONTHS OF WAITING, you treated me like shit. Sure, at first you were just a peach. Your Sheldon Cooper like personality was adorable and you kissed me like it was the last thing you’d ever do. You asked me to watch your favorite show, even though I didn’t particularly enjoy it, and I even asked questions and made an effort to like it. I was always …view more


Oh my god why do 12 year olds look 20? Everyone wears makeup, everyone looks perfect, everyone is cringy and annoying. God.

Unloved 1319

I’m sure that feeling “unloved” starts with me if I don’t love myself enough who ever will…..but I feel very unloved at the moment.

For most of my life I have been rejected for one thing or another. My spirituality has caused me enough rejection, isolation, and alienation that it is difficult for me to be in relationships, let alone start one.

I was teased as a kid in 3rd grade up into college for being an uglier and dumber version of my beautiful twin sister. Then I started to grow into my …view more

No trust 38

okay, so i was being an emotion teenager. Saying alot of bullshit about someone. Later that week we kinda made up. But then my “best friend” has to go and send her screenshots of what i said. and ruins everything. She is the most untrustworthy bitch ever. SHe actually managed to get into my facebook. screenshot. send it to her. and then deny that she did anything. ffs.

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