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I’m tired. 30th March 2018
WHAT! 30th March 2018
Forum Rage 25th March 2018
Problems with bf 23rd March 2018
Seriously? 18th March 2018
I hate my daughter 16th March 2018
Control your kid in public or I will 16th March 2018
Slut ass bitch friend 16th March 2018
I HATE MY MATH CLASS 13th March 2018
Why can’t I help myself? And why won’t life give me a break? 11th February 2018


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laziest person ever 44

Bitch, you should just go die and save everyone the trouble of having to see your fat ass everyday. You don’t have a job, you’re too lazy to do laundry, you don’t even do your own dishes, sit your ass in front of the computer all day, and you have the nerve to lecture ME to clean? Fuck you!

Facebook “friends” 06

Everyone I want to complain about in my “status update” is on Facebook!

Trump Supporters 210

All Trump supporters are cross-eyed, club-footed, sister fucking retards. That is all.

well well well 18

deep subject.

conflicted. hard to believe anybody would shoot themselves in the foot sewww baddly just to hurt me. i think that is what hurts. just the extreme damage meh whatever.

need to wash all that stuff out of my brain and enjoy the peace and quiet. always being under attack from behind has maid me jumpy and grumpy and sick. even a temporary break is a relief.

and seriously a bucket of fun in the sun and gardening and flowers and seriously the weather better smarten the fuck up. …view more


I FUCKING HATE FEELING LIKE I HAVE TO MAKE THINGS HAPPEN OR WORK OVERTIME!!! I do not have to make up for who I am!!! I am worthwhile!!! I have done enough!!! I am good enough!!! I am good enough to get what I want!!!! FUCK!!!

things to do while the pain meds kick in 06

most certainly medical will win today. this aint normal and i shall avail myself to the majic of modern medicine. drugs aint working and i dont drink and dont see how either fixes much.

ummm sin. i see a tool. information recieved and sent. unexpected effects and consquences is an issue but it is in reality as well. scraves can bee used to choke and restrain as well as keeping us warm and toasty. the intent is all that is relevant. aint any other way to live your life. i aint happy bout it …view more


ou know what? I’d love to just tell you what you want to hear. I’d love to say that you’re doing the right thing and a relationship with her is fantastic for you and everyone around you. But I can’t. You know why? BECAUSE YOU’RE DOING THE WRONG THING. And just because I’ve told you I’ll always be here for you no matter what she does to you (and I will, of course. That’s what I do), doesnt mean I can be Little-Miss-Encourage-R___-In-Everything-He-Does. BECAUSE I CANT. I’ve told you that she’s …view more

SHUT UP 1723

Oh my god, why bother even coming to the lecture if you’re just going to sit there and chatter every single time the lecturer opens his mouth? I know with your I.Q. of 7 it may be a bit over your head but please, shut the hell up!

She cause mine to break, and she gets a NEW, BETTER one!!!!!!!!!!!! 07

She managed to CRACK my Otterbox. Then she cracked the protective, glass screen. Then, while I’m trying to help my disabled husband to the car, I dropped my S5 phone. CRACKED. After all that time, finally eligible for a trade-in, but freaking NOPE! What was I thinking?! I can’t get something else nice! SHE gets all the favors!!!
So, today she texts, all excited Her boyfriend is buying her a freaking S7 phone. (After all, she doesn’t even have to work!) Was so excited she didn’t know what to …view more

I’m so frustrated with my art to the point of wanting to give up (Any advice?) 521

Every since I could hold a pencil, I’ve been drawing (well, if you consider scribbles “drawings”). All through school I would get in trouble for just drawing all the time. Seriously, in Pre-K, my mom was sent home a note saying how I “should be talked to because [I] was too busy drawing to socialize with the other kids.” My family’s always supported me on it, seeing as I was never good at music and I hated sports. Over the years they’ve bought me supplies, paid for a few classes, etc …view more

Stupid teacher 08

I can’t stand my colleague. She is stupid, too rigid with her ideas. C’mon, you are a teacher, WORK YOUR WAY THROUGH to solve the DAMN PROBLEM! Teacher is the most fluid job which you NEED TO BE FLEXIBLE IN SOLVING PROBLEMS! I am NOT GONNA BABY SIT YOU AND TELL YOU EVERY DAMN THING. YOU ARE AN ADULT, USE YOUR BRAIN…

Get the F outta my house! 1517

I’m not a people person. never have been. never said I was either. So what makes you think you can come over to my house every fuckin’ day? WTF. Get OUT now!!!! Ughhh.

You piece of shit. 28

You’re fucking worthless scum and you don’t deserve an ounce of admiration from anyone who’s even the least bit respectable. Go fuck yourself you incorrigible prick.

I need a hug 27

Just that- life is kind of shit right now, and I don’t have friends around here. I just need a hug and someone to listen.

Outed by ex best friend 613

So I’m lesbian. Most of my close friends accepted that but this girl decided to treat it like a piece of juicy gossip and spread it all around the school. She also teased me about it and would leave me alone about it. I forgave her for all of this because I like to avoid conflict but deep down I was still pissed-off. Then skip forward three months and we’re in college. The whole thing has settled down and although I’m still resentful I’ve moved on. Then I hear that a girl I just met asked if I …view more

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