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Exams 10

I HATE exam results. Every single time I have a passing grade that’s not that high my parents get so fucking triggered to the point that they would start insulting me in public, and they would even hit me with the remote at times. Why the fuck are high exam results a thing. What are they even here for? Just for asshole parents to compare you to that guy who scores top dollar? EVEN IF HES A FUCKING DOUCHEBAG?!? Look. I dont care that you guys do this shit to me. But if you keep compare me to …view more

Slut ass bitch friend 00

Sooooo let me start from the semi-beginning. One of my best friends, lets just call her slut friend, was in a relationship. It was pretty long then they broke up and because she’s “hurt” and things were “complicated” she’s on this fuck guys movement basically where she doesn’t want relationships and just fucks whoever. Mind you she cheated on her ex-boyfriend and even when he wanted to forgive her and make it work she was like nah but I digress. So me, slut friend and another …view more

Class A Parenting 00

Okay, I get that I’m not the best daughter. I make stupid mistakes that get me into trouble and put off what I need to do. But my mom? SHE IS BATSHIT INSANE. It started when my mom made a rule that I’m not allowed to wear jeans consecutively. Like, I get that she wants me to wear more of what’s in my wardrobe, but literally 85% of my closet consists of jeans, and the other 15% is full of these awful clothes that she THINKS look good. Uh, okay, mom, obviously nobody is going to look at me …view more

room for rent 00

Been living in a shared house with four other girls for a month now, and whilst I get on great with three of them, the other one is driving me fucking insane. She doesn’t seem to have a concept of personal space or privacy, and will often just barge into my room and lounge on my bed whilst I’m trying to work. She even gets under the duvet with her bare feet, yick. She leaves her dirty dishes piled up in the kitchen for up to a week, and regularly goes through my cupboard and uses my pans, …view more

I would like to… 22

My co-worker next to me is pregnant, again. Her husband works out of town 4 to 6 weeks at a time. She is 29 and I am 52. I wish I was the one who had gotten her pregnant. I lust after her each day, then go home and masterbate. I’d really like to F her while pregnant.

My boyfriend is a fucking dumbs 00

My boyfriend can be such a fucking dumbass. Like sometimes I don’t even know even know what the fuck he is thinking. He literally has issues. Like he can say the sweetest things but when I’m not there he becomes the dumbest douchebag that has ever walked the fucking planet. I like him a lot and he’s a really good guy… when I’m around but when I’m not there he becomes the most unloyal ungrateful cuntbag that can’t get his head out of his ass. I honestly do not understand what I am …view more

ulgh 11

I literally hate everything rn. So, in the beginning of the year, I liked this guy (let’s call him lucas). But my best friend (let’s call her lola) also liked lucas. My life right. And of course he ends up liking her bc she’s fucking gorgeous. She has blue eyes blonde hair and she’s so sweet and smart. Compared to her I’m a hobo. And the sweetheart that she is, she asked me if it was ok if she went out with him bc she knew i liked him. And the dumb bitch I am said ya ya no you go …view more

calm down 00

you’re not fucking special for playing the ukulele okay it’s a popular instrument so stop acting like you invented playing you didn’t okay did you ever think for a second that people might have the same fucking interests as you who the fuck cares if a lot of people started playing ukulele after you you’re not like the only person on the planet who’s allowed the ukulele so how about you get off your high horse and chill for five seconds jesus christ

Gave him everything, suuuure. Thankfully not your personalities. 00

Warning. Unorganized mess b/c I can’t fucking sleep and shit. I love my bf to death but I’m so fucking pissed off right now. Not really at him for what’s happened, but for the instability it brought about if that makes sense. I didn’t expect to be living together under my mother’s roof so soon. I’d have preferred getting an apartment together and yada yada. I’m scared and my anxiety is driving me mad and all I want to do is sleep, eat, fuck around on the computer, cry a bit, and …view more

how about no 00

Of fucking cause your seeing someone at the moment, take out for drinks and fuck up my hair all while leading my on, u sounded pretty fucking keen before hand but i guess i rubbed you off the wrong way? fuck off

Bastards and Bitches 00

If you don’t know how to help other people or you always fail at helping other people, then you’re a bastard or a bitch. Good people can help other people when asked. Bastards and bitches can’t. I know a bastard and a bitch and whenever they try to help they fail. When I get asked to help I almost always succeed at helping. I am a good person. Bastards and bitches are usually spoiled, self-centered people.

The problem with spoiled, self-centered people is they think they’re good …view more

Lol at people who bitch about not being respected 00

Regarding co-workers - Here is the thing about people who complain that you are disrespecting them because of some thing you have said. In most cases people are not going to disrespect someone they know on purpose. So if someone is disrespecting you that already knows; you more than likely you’ve already lost their respect. Remember respect is earned or lost based on your actions. So before you call someone out about disrespecting you perhaps you should check your own behavior I think I can …view more

Broke and homeless 10

I have 2 crappy jobs that is not enough to get my own apartment. I lived with my dad until he kicked me out because he wanted to rent my room and bring his whore of his gf to live with him. I currently live with my bf and his family but I just feel like I don’t belong here ugh. I really want to move out with him but I feel like he doesn’t take this seriously. I guess I’m going to have to get a 3rd job but it’s hard when you live in the middle of nowhere. I feel so alone and so …view more

vile medical staff 00

I am sick of the toxic emvironment health care staff spew. The patients very easy to work with and serve. Thesse are people in pain and I think I do help them and many of my patients say to me, “Oh you’re so nice !” The nasy staff I work with makes my life hell at work. The cliques, the cacking staff members (if I hear your ear-piercing gafaws again I’ll ram 4 by 4’s down your gullet). The bitches (and I’m a woman) make the place so unpleasant needlessly. I am working on geting the …view more

nasty nurse practioners 00

I am an RN. I work with MD’s & NP’s. There are 2 Nurse Practioners I work with who are just bitches. The other NP’s and all the MD’s are very nice. But those 2 cunts ? Yuk. I hate them. It didn’t start this way. I was new & only work part-time. It took me a few months to find out these ugly witches are ready to rip me (& other staff like RNs and staff) a new one. It took me this long to realize they are consistently on the fucking rag or haven’t gotten laid in eons or their online …view more

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