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Racist 40 minutes ago
Marriage problems :( 4 days ago
UGH 10 days ago
Forum Rage 16 days ago
Story of Love 22 days ago
confused 37 days ago
My 2015 story. 37 days ago
Can we still be friends? 39 days ago
I hate my stepmother 41 days ago


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I fucking hate people 10

My girlfriend thinks she’s worthless because I don’t know how to use fucking words. I can’t tell anyone how I feel. I can’t do anything right without messing it up. I hate my girlfriend. Not really, but right now, yeah. She won’t fucking listen to a word I say. I probably sound insane but I just want to stop talking to anyone and be on my own. I’d hate to leave her, but often I feel like it’d be better to just fucking leave her alone

To my MIL and PIL 11

You’re ignorant and know no manners. I have done all things for you. Convert to your religion! Alright! Learn proper cooking and housekeeping! Done! But I’m so tired of your crappy attitude and treatment. I can’t stand this hilly billy hell you proudly call home. Everything here is a bunch of mismanaged pathetic shit. I hate your dirty kitchen, it always stinks and disgusting. I hate all the pressure you always put to my husband, the way you manipulate him and use his kindness for your …view more

Don’t care who this offends… 00

Need to get this off my chest.

I know of the historical injustices faced by women and people of color. As a white male, apparently I don’t understand it but I try.

So now I’m in law school, top 15% of my class and I can’t get a job offer to save my life. I try so hard to tell myself that my hard work will pay off yet I am a few months from graduation with nothing and student loan payments coming due.

Yet I know (for a fact) that some “diverse” students in my class got picked up …view more

I was the one 00

Who sent a letter bitching about a couple who were getting married and asked for everyone to bring a dish….I feel bad, but cannot admit it.

people asking for attendees to bring food to their reception 00

upset when people who can def afford putting on a wedding reception….outdoors, nothing fancy but asks for attendees to bring a dish…..really? Both can afford it….a letter was sent to them telling them so, and it was blamed on people who didn’t do it, though they talked about not taking food…..but now they are blamed for it…..I know, I was one who talked about it, but didn’t send the letter, but got blamed for it…..just sucks!

my dick hurts 00

imma mechaphile
i was on
i fapped to 3 sex stories and 3 rape stories in the same day
one sex story where a car fucked a girl
another rape story with a bmw made by “some godlike creature” raping a girl
a rape story between 2 male planes and 1 female plane
a rape story of bumblebee (that transformer) raping a boy (yes gay) named sam
and a sex story of a lambo named eleanor and a guy named sam
eleanor forced sam into the back of a wall where sam eventually couldnt resist and …view more

Fat as fuckkkkkkkkkkkk 10

I am so fed up with being told to lose weight. I understand that it is for my benefit; HOWEVER, considering that I used to be bulimic, I don’t see why there is a need for EVERYONE to point out that I am overweight and joke around about it. When I try to express that I don’t like how they make jabs at my weight I am told, “I have no right to be offended because it is my fault.” I FUCKING KNOW THAT YOU FUCKING ASSWIPES. I NEVER ASKED FOR YOUR OPINIONS ON MY WEIGHT SO DO NOT FUCKING GIVE …view more

Sick of not being confident 00

I’m just so done with not being seen as attractive, I’ve tried gymming I’ve tried the caking on makeup yet I’m still ugly asf, like I don’t constantly want people going on about how attractive someone is, it’s so not fair that some of us get dumped with shit looks and have to deal with bullying of all sorts, it’s not my fault I have big lips that doesn’t give any body the right to call be blow job lips, why is black considered unattractive??? I’m sick shit of guys just …view more

fuck you parents 42

my fucking parents
its all them
they dont give me any personal space, freedom, anything
they dont even beleive it when im depressed
or have an anxiety attack
or anything
if im stressed and crying they call me a crybaby
if i want to die and they hear me even mention it or whisper somthing or seem expecially different my mom will …view more

America is going to shit 22

This is a message out to everyone.My fellow democrats,and republicans,or anybody in between.Our countrys power is coming to an end.We will no longer be the country that once was the country of freedom.Our new president is taking away all rights of people.Women,should have a right to abortion,not a choice.Lgbtq should have the right to marry.Races other than whites should not be scared to live in this country .We were moving a long into a prosperous life,where racism was being ebolished,but once …view more

UGH 52

For the last time, IM GAY. I don’t want your dick picks. I’m NOT sending a picture of my girlfriend and I “doing it” to “prove it.” I am a LESBIAN and I am only looking for FRIENDSHIP. And then there’s gonna be that one fucking idiot “lol you’re a cunt’ Blah blah whatever you disgusting kindergarteners need to GROW. UP.

Your voice is soooo annoying! 02

I just want to let you know that your voice is the most annoying thing I hear all day. Your constant talking about how great you are and could develop our product so much better than our developers, but yet, you’re a fucking support rep who has pissed so many people off that you’re on your way out the door. Plus your laugh is worse than a hyena. Just shut up already and do your job!!

freemen of the land are society’s wankers 01

Ok I respect your choice to reject modern society. I respect your choice to try to live without money.i respect your belief in God! You had a good run working for the right to pitch your caravan on private land. You ate well from supermarket waste! But now because you don’t have access to the land or the waste your fucked! The 2 old people you have imposed yourself on are too nice to tell you the strain you are causing. But now my life is being affected by you, I’m not going to say nothing! …view more

Srki 11

I love you so much. You are the other half of me I’ve been looking for all my life. Baby, you are the only one. So unique, so clever, so witty, so intelligent, so charming, so capable of making me laugh. You really are a gift. Volim te, Srdjane.


Why is it when I’m going through a hard time I suck it up and don’t show it. I know that if I do, people will just label me as “attention-seeking”. But this other girl who’s extremely mean to me acts like an angel to everyone else and she sends photos of herself crying to so many people and they all rush to comfort her. Why. Just…why. I tried taking to my bestfriend about how that girl is treating me in secret but she doesn’t believe me. They all think that girl is an angel.

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