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Aggravated from my grandmom 10

Why in the hell can you accuse me of just about everything under the sun but you can own up to the shit you do OR flush the godamn toilet. WHAT THE EVER LOVING FUCK! I don’t want to walk into to the bathroom and see your piss and shit in the toilet and if I drip blood unknowingly and obviously unintentionally you make a big deal of it. Seriously though I don’t want to see you puss or shut

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not 01

Every single day, I’m stuck to wonder this. It seems to change from time to time. Yesterday, we went on a date and it was so amazing. Now, though, I’m resorting to explaining my problems anonymously because anyone else would just tell me, “I told you so.” I don’t know what to do anymore…there’s at least two times a week I’m stuck feeling this pain, but I know that I would feel an even greater pain every day if I broke up with him.
I’ve been thinking about this for the past …view more

i wish i was never born 10

i don’t wanna kill myself because i am catholic and i don’t wanna be tortured for eternity in the worst ways possible, but i seriously do not want to be here. my life is decent. average everything, nice parents, nice home, people treat me nice, i never got bullied, etc. but my mind.. AHHHHHHH i had no say in this decision. i feel horrible. i wanna hurt myself and everyone, i wanna torture people in the worst (best) ways possible for the heck of it. i feel numb most of the time, the lower i …view more

Again, the bitch 01

Omg once again, I’m here to rant about you. Who the hell are you to command me? Stop. So what if I’m not working today? So what if your father made you cry, and I decided not to go work? Like okay, I understand that if you had left the house, you won’t have to see his face. Maybe two months ago you told me, I would have asked what happened, but haha, you made me pissed by saying that I’ve better be working next day, because you want to leave the house. Like bitch, if I don’t wish to …view more

Why does this have to happen to me? 21

So the past week or two have been horrible. From my brother getting a car he doesn’t deserve to me not making it into the first varsity golf tournament tomorrow.
When I golfed today, I was horrible. It didn’t help that I was playing for a place in the tournament tomorrow. Well whenever I took a shot, it was always bad. And when I rarely made a good hit and went where I needed it to, the group I was golfing with never acknowledged it. And when another person made a shot worse than my best …view more

idk 12

i know this aint raging or rant idk. i just watch suicide squad. and i literally became in love with joker’s expression. the way he hate someone disrespect harley. or the jealousy his face hold. i am so in love with the idea of expressing or loving the way joker does. i really love it. i hope dc will make the harley and joker’s love story or idk the movie about them two.

You’re a bitch 21

CAN I UNFRIEND YOU ALREADY? Okay, what kind of friend are you? Friends do insult each other, but they don’t mean it all the time. Sure, I’m lazy, fat, and all the bad things in the world, but do you think you’re inspiring me? No bitch, you’re making me hating on you. Like wtf, just because I listen to the chefs at my workplace call me fat(and they saying it without meaning it), doesn’t mean I wish to hear MY FRIEND saying it every time she sees me. And don’t you ever compare me to …view more

“Other people have it way worse than you.” 20

I absolutely loathe when my parents or somebody else says “other people have it way worse than you” or “children are starving in africa” when I’m upset about something but like does that make me feel any better??? no. Telling me not to be sad because other people have it worse is like telling me not to be happy because other people have it better. TELLING ME OTHER PEOPLE HAVE IT WORSE DOES NOT MAKE MY FEELINGS MAGICALLY DISAPPEAR! IT DOES NO HELP WHATSOEVER. Yes, I acknowledge that …view more

Introvert in a New School with Stupid People 02

Today was my first day of school, and its a private school. This is my 4th new school in 3 years. My grade only has 19 people in it, so having a new kid is a rarity. I was like a shiny new toy or something. The thing is though, I hate socializing. I don’t like talking to people, so having all these people trying to talk to me made me feel very wrong, and I would try and hold small talk but I’m such an awkward person that they just looked at me weird when I inevitably said something stupid. …view more

I’m sorry 12

I’m sorry that I take my frustrations out on you. I hear myself, and I hate myself, but I can’t stop it. I wish I could be more independent, but I can’t do anything until I get a better job. I’m sorry that I wasn’t good enough to be accepted into the program I wanted, and that I had to take a crappy job that pays minimum wage for me to get yelled at all day. I wish I could do better and be better, but I think this is all I can be. I’m sorry.

Experienced 21

You’re still going to school dances, so I say keep your friend no matter what. But, just so you know in the future…if you have guy 1 and a guy 2 comes along and you’re thinking about him….you never really loved guy 1 to begin with.
Friendship is always first, you can keep them till you’re 90….guys, well, you’ll know who you can and can’t live without. The ones you can live with are the ones that allow you to keep your friends!

continue later 22

in my new school year, theres a couple of juniors that my friend and i think “attention seeker” its a girl and shes alwaaayyyss raging to play basketball with the second grade boys. i do think she’s kinda annoying tho. but i dont really know her, and she did no harm to me nor my year mate ( i think. especially my friend). but once upon a day, one of my friend is like diss her or throwing shades by calling her name whenever the junior is around. i dont think its nice tho, the junior never …view more

parent’s student beats teacher 11

the freakin old nice teacher legit ask a student for their homework. AND ONLY BECAUSE OF THAT, THE FUCKIN PARENTS OF THE FUCKING STUDENT CAME TO SCHOOL AND BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF THE OLD NICE TEACHER. i dont undestand. the student doesnt even have a good moral or attitude or so. people became never respect the elder?! like the other day, one of my friend told my other friend to yell to the waittres (idk someone who sells) juices bcs she wants to order. its the elder people who sells the juice. …view more

I hate my life 01

I have problems with my in-laws and parents.
I don’t have a job.
I am stuck at home all the time.
I hate my life.

Piss off outside world 03

I just want the outside world to completely piss off and leave me alone in my darkness when where I am away from everything and everyone and its just me myself. I have tried this “recovery”bollocks (whatever the nhs calls it ) for depression and anxiety and it’s done absolutely nothing to how I truly feel about everything in my daily life. I have tried and tested all the groups that are available in my area and its just completely pointless/pathetic as no one fucking talks to me even …view more

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