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School Sucks 00

im in love with my best friend. but she is in love with someone else. and it sucks. having to watch them flirt constantly. and slowly falling in love. i really want to kill myself. I should be happy for her. but im not. im a jealous bitch. fyi im a lesbian, so not a guy. but anyways, this really sucks. on top of that, i have so much homework and assignments already. i have 4 A’s, and 6 F’s. im already failing. And this drama with my best friend, isnt helping. also, my parents are yelling at …view more


just becaus ur parents are rich doesnt mean u can boss people around and take them as if u’re the leader. I throughly thought u were my bff till then ppl keep telling me how a bad influencer u are. U cheated and lied just to get the things u want. Got a boyfriend because of his looks but cared nth else abt him. Spreading false rumors abt how bad i was and the mean things i say when all the while u were the one doing it. Yea it’s true im talking bad abt u here but so what. Screaming and …view more

Workstuff and family 00

Im getting so stress out at my homeworks and assignments, national examinations are coming in a month or less. Cant get what the hell my parents are thinking and all they do is compare me with other people’s child. All they could say is how i have not been focusing on my studies and doing other stupid nonsensical stuff like my phone. I use my phone to research on ideas and sometimes to take a break. My sis does nothing at home but watch the tv daily and doesnt get a scolding. Even if it’s …view more

New to me 00

I never thought I’d ever be alone, and I’m not, but ive never felt more alone. Life is moving, and so am I, but I feel like I’m just not keeping up. The people I feel that are at my pace, I don’t feel like I belong next too. I feel lm suppose to be with my people, in the middle, or even towards the front of the group… instead the people I thought I was close to, arnt even around when I need them.. I feel, like I am at the bottom, and for some reason, am receiving sympathy. I played my …view more

Depression Confession 00

So, I’ve been struggling with depression for a while now and I’m just starting to reach a point in my life where I can sort of get out of it, but I’m struggling a lot of the time because I can finally start interacting woth friends and loved ones, again, but there are times when I suddenly and unexpecta

Her 00

I really freaking like her and k know it won’t go anywhere because of her parents but I wish it could because I really want to be able to hug her and hold her hand and call her mine and I’m actually really sad I can’t do that and I might tell her it’s ok but inside I’m dying

Outed by ex best friend 00

So I’m lesbian. Most of my close friends accepted that but this girl decided to treat it like a piece of juicy gossip and spread it all around the school. She also teased me about it and would leave me alone about it. I forgave her for all of this because I like to avoid conflict but deep down I was still pissed-off. Then skip forward three months and we’re in college. The whole thing has settled down and although I’m still resentful I’ve moved on. Then I hear that a girl I just met …view more

The Problem With Dating A Younger Guy 00

My boyfriend is 6 years my junior. 85% more mature than most guys my age… Except.. When he gets mad at me he blasts me with the silent treatment

Unfair life 01

My younger brother is a horrible person. He is obviously treated like a king and my mother treats me like shit. I dont get any priviledges and have to even serve them by doing the house chores and enduring all the shitty quarrels. My brother has always been useless as a person, pointing the middle finger at me all the time. Outside, he acts like i am an embarrassment to him, he pretends but he bullies me at home. He deserves to die.

Angry CUS of skimp reading lmao 21

Wtf, told you I’m sick, replied me “so what if you’re sick?” HELLO? I fking tried not to disturb you when you’re sick so you can have rest, you know I’m sick, and you came complaining to me about your Father again, for the same thing, cus he switch the tv volume high. Okay I understand, but wtf, just because I accidentally skipped certain of your messages doesn’t mean I won’t go back and read again, like hello, I did say oh I read wrongly, and you were like wtf you skimp read my …view more

The Things I Detest About My Boyfriend 12

1. Watching and hearing him eat makes me CRINGE. He can be such a disgusting human being. I am constantly alerting him that no one wants to see the food that he is chewing.. He also eats his food as though it were a race to the finish line. When we eat I have to make it a point not to watch him or else I would constantly be bitching and repulsed.

2. He is a slob. I don’t mind picking up after him from time to time but the thing that gets under my skin most is that he will put his dishes in …view more

Dumb cokehead roommate 11

My dumb cokehead roommate is annoying AF. Shes so embarrassing when we go out. She gets so pissy drunk that she asks me loudly at the bar if we know anyone she can buy drugs from. Im like dude i dont do drugs. Omg so embarrassing! We are new in this neighborhood and she’s too much of a liability to remain friends with. Not only that but shes a thief. She’ll be like, i dont wanna walk to the liquor store. Lets see if somebody upstairs has something. Im like uhhh no we can go buy some more if …view more

Aggravated from my grandmom 11

Why in the hell can you accuse me of just about everything under the sun but you can own up to the shit you do OR flush the godamn toilet. WHAT THE EVER LOVING FUCK! I don’t want to walk into to the bathroom and see your piss and shit in the toilet and if I drip blood unknowingly and obviously unintentionally you make a big deal of it. Seriously though I don’t want to see you puss or shut

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not 02

Every single day, I’m stuck to wonder this. It seems to change from time to time. Yesterday, we went on a date and it was so amazing. Now, though, I’m resorting to explaining my problems anonymously because anyone else would just tell me, “I told you so.” I don’t know what to do anymore…there’s at least two times a week I’m stuck feeling this pain, but I know that I would feel an even greater pain every day if I broke up with him.
I’ve been thinking about this for the past …view more

i wish i was never born 11

i don’t wanna kill myself because i am catholic and i don’t wanna be tortured for eternity in the worst ways possible, but i seriously do not want to be here. my life is decent. average everything, nice parents, nice home, people treat me nice, i never got bullied, etc. but my mind.. AHHHHHHH i had no say in this decision. i feel horrible. i wanna hurt myself and everyone, i wanna torture people in the worst (best) ways possible for the heck of it. i feel numb most of the time, the lower i …view more

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