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WHAT! 30th March 2018
Forum Rage 25th March 2018
Problems with bf 23rd March 2018
Seriously? 18th March 2018
I hate my daughter 16th March 2018
Control your kid in public or I will 16th March 2018
Slut ass bitch friend 16th March 2018
I HATE MY MATH CLASS 13th March 2018
Why can’t I help myself? And why won’t life give me a break? 11th February 2018


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Stupid teacher 621

I can’t stand my colleague. She is stupid, too rigid with her ideas. C’mon, you are a teacher, WORK YOUR WAY THROUGH to solve the DAMN PROBLEM! Teacher is the most fluid job which you NEED TO BE FLEXIBLE IN SOLVING PROBLEMS! I am NOT GONNA BABY SIT YOU AND TELL YOU EVERY DAMN THING. YOU ARE AN ADULT, USE YOUR BRAIN…

Hacking Course on Udemy 916

Boy oh boy do I love hacking. I’m kind of getting frustrated with this one lecture on the ethical hacking course where I can’t download this one tool no matter how hard I try.

Then I have to wait a whole fucking 12 hours for the technical guy to reply to my message on the help forums and sometimes his reply doesn’t even help me. In fact, the whole course has just been me asking questions and hardly getting replies. Its tough man. Can you see why this would be frustrating?

Yeah well, it is. …view more

Am I in the wrong? 717

So both my wife and I are 40. I love her with all my heart, have done for the last 20 years and she is the mother of my children. So naturally when her sister fell into dire straits we took her in. She’s 15 years junior to my wife. Again I love my wife and she’s still very attractive to me.

However her sister looks EXACTLY how my wife did at the same age, the same hot body, the ass to die for and legs that go on forever. Part of me yearns just to take her to the bedroom and fuck til we drop. …view more

Not pregnant yet 818

I am thirty,I don’t feel any different but everyone says age is a very crucial factor in conceiving. They say life is incomplete without kids.
I have been married for four years. We have been trying off and on from past six months to conceive,but it has not worked for us yet. Am under lot of pressure from every other person I meet. Am irritated,I don’t feel like having planned sex. Am scared to try and fail.I am also scared all this will attain my relationship with my husband. I don’t know …view more


Your mum owns a multi million dollar house, you’re 21, you expect her to pay all your bills still, you went to a private school, you probably don’t have a college loan you vote on the far right and you have NO IDEA what the VALUE OF MONEY means! You should NOT BOOK MY SERVICES if you CANNOT PAY ME! Just because I am AN ARTIST does not MEAN that I WORK FOR FREE! ESPECIALLY ON A PUBLIC HOLIDAY! I know I’m not a FANTASTIC artist BUT. I didn’t get to go where I wanted to go for College/A GOOD …view more

Seriously 1416

I have to get this out. Not only did my grandmom not flush the toilet she pooped on the seat. how do you miss your shit being on the seat? It’s like living with a child your but that is not an excuse for not flushing or checking that you don’t shit on the seat I had to clean this shit up WHAT THE EVER LOVING FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!

How can I discourage this woman my boss’s sister from touching me/groping me/hugging me/getting in 1117

I need advice.Sorry for the long post, I would really appreciate it if you read it.I don’t know how to get out of this situation?I’m writing this post because basically I’m lost.I don’t know what to do?I invited my boss’s sister to join my all female group with a specific focus.My boss is always complaining that her sister is socially awkward and lost in life so i decided to invite her to join my group.I work there for the past two years but my boss doesn’t like me.She seems very uninterested …view more

Idiot 1118

My current boyfriend got into a fight with my best friend over needing to “get over” social anxiety. The first thing he asks her is if she is diagnosed, she says yes and tells him about her meds that she has to take for them. He continues to tell her that social anxiety is just something that you need to get over. She continues to tell him that it doesn’t work like that. He compared it to his fear of heights, he says he got over that, so she should be able to get over her social anxiety. They …view more

Loser Father-in-Law 1114

Get the fuck out of my basement. You claim to be a master of everything you’ve ever touched but can’t seem to find even a part time job in a thriving location. Fucking loser.

My Blood Towel 715

My Blood Towel, has been washed. Now my life is over. My Blood Towel, is when I would self harm wipe my blood off with that.

Yes, it’s nasty. But that towel was proof that I do feel pain.

And now it’s washed.

AndI feel nothing.

What are sisters for really? 1313

First off, when I am talking about sisters, I do not mean the biological ones. I mean the ones that you make a lifelong commitment to, who are supposed to be there for you no matter what, and are supposed to know you so well. The sisters I am referring to are sorority sister. Now, don’t get me wrong, they have their moments, but lately, it seems like I am all by myself with no one to turn to an no one to talk to.
My big decided to leave the sorority, and it tore me apart. I lost my best …view more

I hate other gay men and other men in general 1117

Other gay men suck. All they care about is appearances. If you are overweight they do not want to have anything to do with you. They are the vainest people that you can ever meet. If you are not fit and look like you are a model they do not want to have anything to do with you. Sometimes being a gay man sucks. Not only do you have to come out to your family, but you also have to try to impress the other guys. Not only do I dislike other gay men, I also can’t stand straight men. Other men in …view more

Cops suck!!!! 1019

Cops are worthless! when you need them they are never around or take their sweet ass time and when you are trying to have a good day have some fun they violate your rights. I feel like they don’t even know what the meaning of detaining is 99% of the time. Seriously screw them pieces of shit, I will be damned if those pigs screw me again. Dumb cunts! I hate all of you. Please choke on a chode you jizz gargling fuck wads! If you are a cop reading this you too can go eat shit. Pussies hide behind …view more

Independent, hating your project 917

Yeah sure lady, let me change your entire book 1000 times because you feel what you wrote before just doesn’t read right. News flash your writing and your drawing both suck so bad there is not a single person on this planet that is going to buy this book. But it’s okay, keep paying me to put this dribble on paper for you you giant waste of time.

Stocking caps 713

If you constantly wear a stocking cap in the middle of the summer. Fuck you! I hate looking at you.

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