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Backstabbing cunt wad bitch 00

The person that I thought was my best friend told her boyfriend that, long story short, I was trying to flirt with her and get in her pants when I was doing the complete opposite. Then her boyfriend messages me on Facebook basically threatening my life. So I message my supposed best friend on snap and right before we made up her boyfriend, who is 300 miles away, logs on to her snap , which is super unhealthy, amd threatens my life again. And this girl turned the people we were with against me …view more

Stolen friend 00

I used to be rly close to this girl, but this year we kinda grew apart. Anyways, I also started talk to this guy this year and we became pretty close (only in a friend kinda way). We talked A LOT and we were just great friends. Recently, that girl has started talking to the guy more and more. And now it’s like she just stole him all together since her barely barely even talks to me anymore. She’s always talking about how she’s talks to him, and the funny things he says, and somehow always …view more

I thought I could move on 00

I’ve been saying him for nearly three weeks now. I wanted the relationship, pursued him, make the plans…

But I can’t get Justin out of my mind. When I think of laughter, it’s J’s. When I close my eyes to kiss, it’s J I’m kissing.

The problem? Justin died a year and a halfago. We were going to get married and nite I’m realizing I can’t be over him this quickly. I maynever get over him. Nite I’m realizing how big a piece of shit I am fit trying to stay a new relationship and …view more

I’m okay. 00

My legs are stiff when they normally are shaking.

My body feels strange, floating yet heavy. And my breathing is steady. Calm.
I feel okay. for once, I think I am.

I’ve just taken enough medicine to knock me off for some time.
Not enough to kill me.

Just …view more

Torturers 00

Your bloody passive aggressive torture will not get you what you want which I know is my death incarceration or at least a trip to the funny farm.I know what you have done, how you have done it and for how many years.I know and have experienced every tool in your torture toolbox.I know you used an old heil nail gun.It was adjustable.I bet you laughed claiming cancer for entry.Your day is coming make no mistake about it.

Letting Go 00

I just let my best friend of 5 years go after she stabbed me in the back. It hurts knowing I never got to tell her my side. (She’s not dead) I’m moving to the other side of the world in 2 weeks and it hurts that I didn’t have her by my side, or anyone by my side for that matter. I though forgiving her would feel better, but instead I feel so much worse and I just want to die. I don’t know how she feels, but from what I’ve seen she’s moved on and happy. It just hurts so bad that she …view more

The PMSing Control Freak 00

I live with my Mom and let me start out by saying that she is an insane control freak! She feels the need to dictate what I wear, what I eat, where I go, when I wake up, when I go to bed and basically what, when and how I do things. And never once have I yelled and her or ever shown her any disrespect. But I’m only human. I channel my rage into video games and I cry myself to sleep in either anger, frustration or sadness. And now something terrible has happened: Our periods have synced. When …view more

Fuck Society 00

Dear Society,
Why the bloody hell are people always sticking their noses into other people’s shit?? I’ve been unemployed for a while and guess what happens? My parents have forced me to go to 4 fucking weddings (of their acquaintances if I might add) this month where every dumb fucking person has to fucking know what I’m planning to do! Let it be known that I just turned 22 and everyone wants to know when the hell I’m getting married. And worst of all, I hate crowds (because they give …view more

Dads 00

Why, is there a such a father who keeps on forgetting his promises and keeps on expecting more and more from his son even though he did really irresponsible things in his childhood and cant even fucnd his son’s favourtie sport team season membership but says his working money is all for his children

Boring and soring so much in the 00

I swear I am going to be homisidal if this continues, the fucking sore muscles with no shitty benefits: do too fucking much and just once you crumple like all your shitty hard work amounts to nothing. Even the fucking weight loss reverse itself like your conviction amounts to nothing. And legs fucking hurt. It is not just just the legs or arms but the fucking loneliness and the perceived abundance of it. How much you cant trust yourself just cuz someone says you havent worked hard enough and …view more

26 year old asshole 00

I’m 26 years old and I feel like I’ve wasted my life. Straight out of HS I started a media business with 4 of my closest friends. At first it was amazing. We even expanded. We made pretty good money. Better than most in our generation. I dedicated all my time to it…I was addicted to that feeling of success like I made something of myself, but I think I also did it because it meant I got to spend time with one of the other cofounders. I never really cared about relationships, and I never …view more

Ungrateful brat 00

So my sugar daddy didn’t pay me this week… He decided he would buy me a guitar and new car this week though but likeeeee where’s my allowance we agreed on

Am I Not Hot Enough for You?? CUZ YOUD BE THE ONLY ONE. 00

Motherfuckin spineless ass… Idk which is worse. The fact that he’ll look at me naked and go into the bathroom to watch porn and jack off or the fact that he’ll leave the volume up by mistake, turn it down After I’ve already heard something, then Fuckin LIE til he’s blue in the face about it. Like, which is worse? Someone who makes you feel unattractive or someone who Wont tell the truth?

mess 00

i hate periods. but this is the last reason why im mad. first i HATE WAITING AND THIS GUY IS TAKING YEARS TO ANSWER A FUCKING QUESTION ITS NOT EVEN HARD JUST DONT TAKE YOUR TIME AND PUT YOURSELF IN SOMEONE ELSES SHOES YOU FUCKING. also i always crush on the wrong ppl :’) rn there are no right ones i love life

My friend has become a stuck up bitch. 00

I like to think I’m a good person. However I’m fat from too much fast food and years of a sedentary lifestyle. I partied hard in college and definitely put on the freshman (50). Things got worse when I left school and moved to the middle of nowhere for a crappy marketing job. My job and the place I like mostly are boring except sometimes I get to travel. I stayed with my former roommate and BFF in NYC. She works in finance. She goes to either power yoga or “tone house” every day. She is …view more

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