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i’m going crazy 10

for some reason, i always think there are people taking videos of me; that i am famous without even knowing it. my life is a tv show and all my friends and family, even strangers are actors that play along. recently i have became a fan of a band, and the youngest member was born in 97′ and i claim that i am ‘in love’ with him. he’s so different, and shares so many things with me. this ties in with my tv show life craziness because i think that i have been set up to one day marry this …view more


She is so disrespectful towards me and im her so called friend. And she hates everything, thinks everything is a joke, and all she cares about is making more drama, and complaining to others about her so called sad (privileged white trash) life. That’s how I became her friend. She was always sad untill i got to know her and she will male your life a living hell if you back away from her. She alsoways says she is accepting and cares about someone but all she does is complain. Her version of …view more

I hate my height honestly 10

I’m a guy around 5′3 and I honestly hate being short. Being short is not bad, sure there can be awk pictures or just the thought of people always looking down on you, but that’s where your personality comes in. I was the class clown in almost every class :). People would like me just cuz of my easying going way and my sence of humor of course. As well, being funny made me more noticable in school, some teachers even had good fun relationships with me. I love myself, I love that I can make …view more

Way to make a guy feel unwelcome in his own damn house 01

You know what’s great? The fact my one and only goddamn female roommate is so petty and dramatic and bitchy and passive aggressive that she has made me feel unwelcome in my own goddamn house. MY name is on the lease, HERS isn’t! She doesn’t even actually live here! She just happens to be dating one of my roommates who IS on the lease, but it’s so bad anymore that I’m about to fucking move out because she decided she needs to be a god forsaken cunt to me and I don’t even know why… …view more

Oh yeah well fuck your feelings you 01

You have this terrible blatant habit of making people hurry up and wait. Yes it ducking pisses me off, and I don’t care what ducking excuse you have about trying to assert dominance by making me wait or wasting my time. Put the ducking pipe down stop hanging out with scene people and get a fucking job. Every one of your fucking problems that have become my fucking problem stem from you being selfish and stupid.

I’m not your personal Jesus there to suffer with you for your own ducking sins …view more

I am not Your Maid 10

We’ve been together for 5 years, I love you and I love the life we have built for each other. That being said, please stop trashing the place and then making fun of me for getting annoyed when you put nothing away and even the furniture is no longer where it originally was. This is not me being “OCD”, this is me getting fucking tired of being a full-time maid that gets no help or thanks at all while working two other jobs.

Maybes 10

i’ve tried to set up dates, hangouts and other events with people, yet alaays end up bailed on. It’s not even the fact that the plans fell through, it’s that whenever i fucking ask i don’t get a yes or a no. I GET A GODDAMNED MAYBE. Then after i check it’s “sorry i have other plans” i try to set up a dfferent day, and the same MOTHERFUCKING thing happen. It’s like giving false hope that something will happen, just give a damn yes or a no. I’ve been rejected manny times, and …view more

Dear A, 10

I’m your friend, but you don’t trust me and it pisses me off. I understand your situation and that you can’t always come to me. But when you blow me off without telling me, it makes me really angry. Not to mention the fact that you use excuses and lies to why you can’t hang out. Thanks. It makes me feel like a really good person when confronting a complete asshole about the relationship you want to keep so badly but are so easily able to let it slip out of your hands.

Uggghhh! That darn MS Science Department Chair! 01

Why does he have so many darn freckles?! Argghhh!

Dear grandmom 01

I’m sorry that I can’t fucking help you with every little thing I don’t go to the same bank as you and the grandchild that does you should call. At the end of the day I’m not a fucking banking genius so guess what no matter how many times you say just read it my answer is going to be the same, I don’t know what this is! So obviously I can’t help you why don’t you call the grandchild who dies go to that bank better yet why don’t you actually listen to me when I’m trying to help …view more

Family drama 00

So now my eldest sister is getting riled up because I said I’m done and I’m tired and done want any contact with my father or sister. They both where wrong it not hate that holding me its hurt I’m done trying to be a sister I’m done trying to be a daughter she’s coming in just now learning about this shit but I’m not going through this bullshit anymore who gave that bitch gas money who bought her shit out of the kindness of their heart and who bought her kids food because in her own …view more

Fuglies 10

Why the fuck does every fat munter on facebook think they’re makeup artists and cosmetic reviewers?

Ffs you could put make-up on a bulldog’s arsehole and it looks more appealing

I just found out my dad’s fucking rich. 10

So, my dad’s at least a brigadier general in the USArmy. (Or at least he was last time I talked to him several years ago.)

So he alone, makes like 10k a month. His wife’s also in the army, I think she’s a doctor but I’m going to assume she makes money. Just not including that because she doesn’t owe me anything, she didn’t bring me into this awful world.

Anyways, my dad makes 10k+ a month, and you know how I’ve been living? I literally do not have a flushing toilet. I can only …view more

non smoking thieves 01

Now here this.I have had it with you stealing my smokes thinking it will make me quit.I have had it with you in all respects.You have no respect for anyone including yourself.The childish and outlandish tricks jokes and other sorted shit you do for attention is absolutely ridiculous.The other shit you perform [when you don’t get your way little miss prima donna]is a crime of Nuremburg level.I am not going to the doc/hospital so you can hide behind me.Torture all you want .You will face your …view more

idiot friend 10

i tried to relapse last night and today i told my friend and she got mad at me for not talking to her then. All i wanted to do then was hurt myself, but now i’m mad at myself for not trying to get help like i should have. So now i feel like a jerk for not telling her how i felt. I totally hate this. I need someone who will tell me it’s okay and tell me to talk to them next time if i can, not someone who will get mad for me not telling them the first time. And i know she would get annoyed if …view more

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